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Best Place to Buy a Refurbished Phone in UK
Best Place to Buy a Refurbished Phone in UK

Have you ever heard about a “refurbished phone”? If yes, then we would help you in discovering the best place to buy one. If no, we would first be explaining about refurbished phones to you and then we would tell you the best place to buy one. There are many platforms in the UK where you can buy refurbished phones from,all of these platforms are easy to buy a refurbished phone from. These platforms provide different rates for the smartphones that they are selling depending upon their condition and specifications.

Refurbished phones are the phones that have been recycled before. People usually sell their old or faulty phones for cash to these recycling platforms, then these refurbishing platforms recycle their phones. In recycling process, they repair the phones accurately, change the parts that are needed to be changed and then make sure that these phones have no faults or issues whatsoever. Usually these platforms provide the customers with warranty as well with their devices. So it’s a win-win situation to buy refurbished phones from them. These phones are also cheaper in rates than the usual second hand phones or the new buy mobiles vouchers from UK promo code.

Below you will get to know about few of the best places to buy refurbished phones in UK.

1.      AlphaSmartPhones:

AlphaSmartPhones is one of the leading refurbished smartphones providing platform in UK. You can buy the phone of your dreams in cheaper rates than usual on our website. Our website is easy to use, search and buy your favourite phone.The process of searching your favourite phone is very easy. You just have to search for the phone that you need and you would be redirected to a page with all the options offered by AlphaSmartPhones. You have to look through the options very carefully, you have to check the specification of the phone available online, the colour, etc. After the thorough checking, if you are willing to buy a smartphone from the website at the said rate, you can add that phone to your cart. Once you are done with the shopping you may checkout, and pay for your device via credit card or PayPal.

Most of the phones are offered with free delivery to your address, in some cases the delivery charges are written with the price of the phone. You can buy refurbished iPhone, Samsung Mobiles, HTC Mobiles and Sony Mobiles on the platform at cheaper rates than usual. Moreover, you would be offered certain warranty for the refurbished phone that you buy from AlphaSmartPhones.

2.      SmartPhoneStore:

SmartPhoneStore is another refurbished smartphones selling platform working in UK. SmartPhoneStore offers you with good deals on the refurbished phones that they are selling. Through this platform, you can buy a good refurbished phone online. You can find the refurbished phones offered by them at their website. Click on the preferable phone and it would redirect you to a page with the description of that phone. You would get the information about the accessories offered with the phone, its warranty and the details about the delivery process and packaging. If you are willing to buy a refurbished phone from this platform, you can simply add that phone to your cart and checkout to pay for the phone.

3.      eBay:

You can buy refurbished phones in UK from eBay as well. Yes you heard that right! Many people in UK don’t know that they can get refurbished smartphones from eBay in UK. eBay provides its valued customers with the best options in the refurbished smartphones. These refurbished smartphones are in good condition. You simply have to order the phone that you willing to buy online through the website of eBay. Once you have searched for your desired phone, simply open the link to find the description about the phone. Some phones sold on eBay are with warranty while others don’t come with that offer. You can check all of the details about the phone before buying it. The payment options provided by eBay are through PayPal, MasterCard or Visa Card.

eBay offers you money back guarantee but you would have to pay for the courier charges to send the device back to them if any problem arises.

4.      THE_IOUTLET:

The_ioutlet is yet another mobile phone refurbishing platform working in UK. The thing over here is that they only deal in Apple products. So if you are willing to buy refurbished iPhone,then you can visit this platform as well. Just as AlphaSmartPhones this platform is easy to use, you can find your desired iPhone easily on this website. You simply have to visit their website and search for your desired iPhone there. Or you can select the tabs showing the apple products on the home screen and from there select the model of iPhone that you are willing to buy. You would be redirected to a page showing all the options that are offered to you in that model.

You can go through the options available on that page. Select the iPhone that you want to buy and read the detailed specification given for every phone. The specification would give you detail about the color, storage, warranty and the condition of the phone. The description also includes the detailed specification about the certain model of the iPhone, making it easy for you to decide if the phone has the specifications you need or not. You can easily buy the phone on their website and pay through your credit card. They will send you the phone with free postage.

These are some of the best online platforms in UK, however i will recommend you Direct Mobile Phones where you can get best phones. Refurbished phones are the best option to buy your favorite phone while being in your limited budget. These phones show no or very less problems when you buy and use them. Even if the phone shows some issues or faults, you can always claim the warranty provided by the platform from which you have bought your phone from. Moreover these phones are more reliable than the used phone bought directly from a seller.

iOS vs Android Which OS works great in Refurbished Phones?
iOS vs Android Which OS works great in Refurbished Phones?

Refurbished phones gained their popularity right after the launch of first smartphone in the UK. Since then, people always look forward to own refurbished smartphones as they are reliable, less costly, have warranties, and much more. These days you can find any smartphone as a refurbished one online in the UK. Easy availability of these refurbished smartphones makes us wonder, is iOS a better OS or is Android the better OS to have in the refurbished smartphones. If you have the same question in your mind, then this article would serve you as a guide to purchase whichever OS suites you.

If you are willing to buy refurbished phones, then you would have to look at the aspects described below:

     Price Range:

The price range is the biggest factor that comes in your way while purchasing a refurbished smartphone. The price of the smartphones actually depends upon the operating software that they possess. For the ease of understanding, we can compare the prices of refurbished Samsung phones and refurbished iPhones. The price of refurbished Samsung phones is slightly less than the prices of refurbished iPhones.

We can see the price difference but this price difference has nothing to do with the operating software used in any of these smartphone categories. The price of every commodity is always dependent upon the demand of that specific commodity. Demand for iPhones has always been higher in the UK than that of Samsung phones.

     Amount of Applications:

We might think that all of the apps available on Play Store must also be available on App Store; this is not true! The statistics show that Play Store is proven to have much more apps as compared to the number of apps on App Store. The application developers don’t always launch every app on both of the platform but they choose their landing platform wisely.

Due to the high usage of Android smartphones all over the world, app developers always tend to launch their applications on Play Store first, and later the app might come on iOS as well.

There is another reason behind Play Store having more applications; the Android phones are observed to be more customisable than iOS ones. This is the reason that almost all of the applications developed by developers are compatible with Android. But the important point here is that we don’t always use all of the applications available on either of these platforms. We generally install the most famous and the most usable apps on our smartphones and most of these applications are available on both of these platforms.

Contrary to the discussion above, somehow we always find the new gaming applications to be launched on App Store and later on Play Store, while it is not a must that all of the gaming applications that are available in App Store always come in Play Store as well.

By looking at this comparison, iOS is the winner here as we prefer quality over quantity.

    Accessibility and Usability of Applications:

If we look at the interface of the App Store and Play Store then both of these have a very user friendly interface through which you can find and install the applications. Both of these serve the users with a wide range of applications on their data bases. You can easily buy and install the application through your Touch ID on both of these stores.

The upper edge of Play Store here is that you can easily download the apps from browser on your PC or laptop. Moreover you can easily manage the list of applications being downloaded on your mobile phone. With all of this, Android phones support applications available on the other mediums as well. Hence it provides us with an ease to use our phones while letting us download the applications that we want.

Looking at the privileges provided by Play Store, we can say Android proves to be better in this aspect.

    Software Updates:

Software updates keep your smartphones up to date with the latest developments in the operating software. No matter if you have a new phone or an old one, if it is updated to the latest version of the software then it would perform just as the latest device.

Whenever Apple launches an iPhone, it makes sure that it is compatible with the software updates in the coming 4 to 5 years. Although, iPhone users have a firm belief about a negative strategy of Apple that it slows down the older models whenever a new model is launched through its software updates. We don’t really have a proof for that, and neither have we wanted to comment on something like this here.

On the other hand, Android OS is a separate entity than the smartphones running on it. That is the reason that the updates by Android sometimes reach your phone even after a year from their launch. Although if you own a Google powered smartphones, then you may get the software updates shortly after they are launched by Android.

If we look at this case, then owning an Apple iPhone is better as we can update our iPhones as soon as an update is launched.

    Battery Life:

Comparing the battery life of Android and iOS is a tough job as almost all of the mobile phone manufacturers (expect Apple and Windows) make their mobile phones to run on Android OS. Let us make our comparison more precise by comparing Samsung phones with iPhones. iPhones are the most criticized smartphones when it comes to their battery timing. When comparing with Samsung phones, iPhone are much worse than the Samsung phones in terms of battery timing.

Both of these OS provide the users with the ease of checking the breakdown of the battery usage. You can see that which app is consuming more power and which one is consuming less. Moreover, you can extend the battery life in both of these OS by different battery modes available in the settings app.

The best thing about Samsung phones is that almost all of the models after S6 provide you with the option of fast charging, and the fast chargers usually come along with the smartphones. On the other hand for Apple iPhones, only the iPhones after iPhone 8 are compatible with fast charging and wireless charging and you would have to purchase the fast chargers separately if you opt for Apple iPhones.

In this case, there is a clear cut winner in front of us; Android OS.


As discussed before, Android phones are more customisable than Apple iPhones. In Android phones you can easily customise almost everything according to your preference and ease. From themes to widgets, everything can be set according to your preference. While on iPhones, you can’t really have this leverage. However, you can customise your iPhone as well but it provides you with much lesser accessibility to do so.


The usability of these both OS depends upon your preferences. If you are new to using smartphones or if you are buying a phone for your elderly relative then you would have to look for options that are easy to use. In such a case, iOS is proven to be better than Android due to its relatively simple interface. Moreover, most of the Samsung phones also provide its users with the option of easy mode through which the phone becomes easy to use by elderly people and new users.

Final Verdict:

We cannot really comment on which OS is better while looking at the list of comparisons provided above. The best OS can only be chosen according to your preferences, and no one else can judge; which one is better for you. Both of these OS have their own pros and cons, and you would have to decide which feature you need the most.

The best news for you is that you can get both of these OS if you buy refurbished phones, and at Alpha SmartPhones we have a wide range of Samsung phones and iPhones for you to choose from. Both of these OS would work great on the mobile phones if you buy a refurbished phone from us, as all of the mobile phones available on our website are comprehensively and professionally checked and are in 100% working conditions. So if you buy a refurbished mobile phone from us, you won’t be having any issues regarding the software or hardware of the phone. Even if after purchasing the phone, you find any issue regarding the software (OS) or hardware of the phone, you can easily claim the warranty that we provide with every smartphone available on our website.

Most Popular Mobile Phones at Alpha SmartPhones UK
Most Popular Mobile Phones at Alpha SmartPhones UK

Popular smartphones are usually the ones that need your attention the most while purchasing a newer model. The mobile phones that are considered as ‘popular’ are popular because of certain reasons. Although we know that all that shines is not gold! But here if you are looking forward to buying refurbished iPhone online or any other mobile phone, you must look at the most favorite hot selling mobile phones. Even if you don’t want to buy a newer model of mobile phone, you must still continue with this article to find out if you might need a newer model. So what is the most popular phone brand? Let’s find out!

What Is The Most Popular Phone Brand?

Mobile phones are manufactured by different brands, and all of these brands/manufacturers try their best to launch the most excellent devices every year. We cannot really compare the specifications that the most popular mobile phones possess, but we can certainly try to. The answer to what is the most popular phone brand is not just one but two brands; Samsung and Apple.

     Samsung – Most Popular Phone Brand

Samsung launched many smartphones since last decade, but all of those smartphones were not meant to be the most favourite smartphones for people. There are a few smartphones that actually scream ‘Buy Me’ that are manufactured by Samsung and Apple. These smartphones are described below:

     Samsung Galaxy S8:

Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched back in 2017, and it was considered as the most future forward looking smartphone back then. The biggest reason for such consideration is that this phone introduced us to the world of infinity displays. These days, we have many phones around us that have infinity displays, but this phone actually started this trend. Whilst having many infinity display phones in the market, we don’t really have many with edge screen yet.

Other than having a beautiful screen, this phone also has some other breath taking features as well. It has 12MP dual pixels camera that lets you capture your favourite moments without experiencing any lags while doing so. The 8MP front camera lets the user take breathtaking selfies that helps them in enhancing their beauty in the pictures.

The iris scanning feature in S8 and S8+ lets you unlock your phone easily. Samsung knows that both of your irises are not identical and they have different patterns. This security feature is such accurate that your phone can be unlocked only by you looking at it.

Not only this, but S8 also offers you with the mobile phone performance like no other. Back in 2017 it was the first phone to own world’s fastest 10nm processor that helps in making the processing speed of this phone even better than amazing. Bixby is another feature that works as you personal assistant so you don’t have to worry about the communication barrier between your phone and you.

So Samsung is one answer to the question ‘what is the most popular phone brand’.

     Apple iPhone 8:

Apple iPhone 8 was launched in 2017, just a year has passed and Apple has already launched four iPhones lately after the launch of iPhone 8. Although people love the newer models of iPhones as well but this was the last model of iPhone having the iconic iPhone shape and home button. Although people love the infinity displays launched by Apple after iPhone 8 but we all still immensely love and miss the iconic iPhone shape with a home button.

Being the last iPhone with the iconic home button; iPhone 8 is much loved and adored by people all around the UK. The ease that users experience while using an iPhone 8 is beyond the ease that people in the UK ever wanted. Not just the shape but this iPhone have some brilliant specifications due to which many people fall in love with this iPhone.

This iPhone has 4.7” retina HD display that helps the users in viewing their favourite things in the most vibrant and bright colours that this display exhibits. Other than the display, due to the home button this iPhone has the all time favourite fingerprint Touch ID. This Touch ID is proven to be the most loved security feature that Apple had launched till iPhone 8. This iPhone has a stylish metal body that makes the look of this iPhone better than all of the other iPhones out there.

Moreover this iPhone has 12MP rear camera while iPhone 8 Plus has 12MP dual lens rear camera that includes a wide angle camera and a telephoto camera that makes your beautiful moments even prettier. Furthermore, iPhone 8 is water and dust resistant that enhances the usability of this iPhone. iPhone 8 is the phone that you must buy if you are fond of having an Apple iPhone with the iconic shape.

     Apple iPhone X:

Apple launched its 10th anniversary iPhone X just a month after the launch of iPhone 8. This iPhone crossed the boundaries in terms of the future forward looks and specifications. This iPhone has an infinity display that is bigger than the infinity display of Samsung Galaxy S8. Through comparing these two phones we get the statement ‘some infinity are bigger than others’.

Other than having a beautiful Super retina HD infinity display this iPhone has other specifications as well that are better than many of other mobile phones out there in the market. One such specification of this iPhone is the dual rear cameras in this iPhone that captures your moments in the quality that you cannot get from any other mobile phone. Other than this Apple introduced the feature of Face ID in this iPhone through which you can unlock your device easily through just looking at your iPhone. This feature proved to be the best one so far that has been introduced in an iPhone because it provides better security to the users.

A11 bionic chip was introduced in this model of iPhone along with the neural engine that helped introducing the AR feature in iPhone X. Along with it this iPhone is dust and water resistant up to 1m depth for 30 minutes. The battery installed in this iPhone is also much better than the battery of iPhone 8 as it lasts 2 hours longer than the battery of the glorious iPhone 8.

Why Are These Answer For – What Is The Most Popular Phone Brand?

The three smartphones described above are considered as the hot selling and most favourite phones of the customers at Alpha SmartPhones. These smartphones provide the users with specifications that they might not get from any other smartphone in the market. So now we hope that we answered your question ‘what is the most popular phone brand?’

As we have talked about the phones of Samsung and Apple, so this thing is clear that these two brands have the best and the most reliable phones in the UK market. Although Samsung and Apple both are considered as rivals but in their rivalry they launch such phones that the fans of both of these brands love.


If you are looking for a new smartphone then you must look for these options at Alpha SmartPhones. We provide the best deals on all of these phones along with certain perks that you would love, including; 12 months warranty with every device, 30 days return policy, easy payment method, free doorstep delivery and much more. We provide these services as we are sure about the quality of the refurbished smartphones available on our website. Through the 12 month warranty you can get your phone repaired within 12 months of purchase if any fault arises in the smartphone (Terms and conditions apply, also with the 30 days return policy you can return the smartphone if you don’t what you ordered.

With all of these perks, you can easily purchase any or all of these three phones described above. We are quite sure that after reading this article you might have got the answer to your question ‘what is the most popular phone brand?’

Why Refurbished Phones Have Better Battery Life than Used Phones?
Why Refurbished Phones Have Better Battery Life than Used Phones?

Good battery life has always been a dream of every smartphone user! We say this as battery related issues in mobile phones still persists and are proven to be stressful for the mobile phone users. In this article, we are going to discuss used vs. Refurbished phones and are going to prove that refurbished phones are the best ones for you. But first we have to describe what do we mean by used and refurbished phone?

Refurbished mobile phones are also the used mobile phones, but these mobile phones are thoroughly checked and repaired before they are put up on sale again. While the used mobile phones are the pre-owned phones that are sold without doing any repair in them. Although they both are the pre-owned phones but they have significant difference when it comes to the battery life and reliability in general.

Used vs. Refurbished Phones!

As discussed above, these both are pre-owned phones but they have noteworthy difference between them. In this article, we are going to describe the reason that which phone is better and which isn’t. So let us see a comparison of refurbished phones vs. Used in terms of battery life:

     Do Refurbished Phones Have New Batteries?

As discussed before, refurbished mobile phones are basically the pre-owned mobile phones that are repaired thoroughly once purchased by the platform. The refurbished mobile phones are usually available all over the internet at the websites of refurbishing platforms. While being repaired phones, the most important question that people have these days is ‘Do refurbished phones have new batteries?’

We can answer this question in detail now! When we say that the mobile phones once purchased by refurbishing platforms are repaired thoroughly, then the hardware and the software issues are all diagnosed and repaired with the best quality parts available in the market. By this, we can get an idea that if after checking the mobile phone comprehensively; the refurbishing platform finds any glitch in the battery life; it immediately replaces the old battery with the best quality battery in the market. After the battery of the mobile phone is changed, the mobile phone refurbishing platform once again checks the battery life of the mobile phone. Now if it finds any problem in the battery life of the mobile phone again; it again changes the battery with another one. But if the problem persists, then it might be a software problem as well. In such cases, the mobile phone refurbishing platform diagnoses and repairs the software problem in the mobile phone as well, so that the battery life of the phone becomes better than normal.

Once the mobile phone refurbishing platform is satisfied with the battery performance of the mobile phone, only then it lists the phone as refurbished phone on the website. With all of this detailed repair process, these platforms also provide 12 months warranty with the mobile phones that they sell. So if any problem in the battery arrives again, you can easily claim the warranty and get the battery replaced again. So now you might have got the answer for ‘do refurbished phones have new batteries?’ Not only do they posses new batteries, they are repaired for their software as well, that might drain your battery faster if not resolved in time as the refurbishing platforms do!

     Battery On Pre-owned Phones:

Over here by pre-owned phones, we mean the used mobile phones that are not repaired after the sellers have sold them. We really have to discuss about battery on pre-owned phones to get a proper idea on used vs. Refurbished phones. The batteries that are installed in the used mobile phones might be the original ones that might have come with the phone. These batteries are the best ones as they are included by the mobile phone manufacturer itself. Over here, we have to keep certain things under consideration that shows that if the battery of the used mobile phone is good or not.

It might happen that the battery life of the used mobile phone is very good, or it is even better than that of the best-refurbished phones. Or it might happen that the battery life of the used mobile phone is worse and worst. This all depends upon the charging habits of the previous owner. We all know that the battery of a mobile phone worn outs with the time. But time is not that much of a big factor here. The charging habit of the previous owner is more important point that we have to notice here.

Usually people overcharge their mobile phone that is proven to be much of a disaster for the mobile phone batteries. Most of us usually put our phones on charge before going to sleep and plug it out in the morning, this habit of ours proves to be worse for the mobile phone's battery. So if you accidently purchase a mobile phone from such a person, then you might not be so lucky even if the original battery is installed in the mobile phone. But if you are lucky enough, you might find a used phone that hasn’t been overcharged before and its battery is in good condition.

So it’s totally a matter of luck here! You might find a used phone with much better battery life than the best-refurbished phones or you might have to bear the worst battery life; there is no in between in such cases!

Now that we know a detailed difference in the possible battery lives for used vs refurbished phones, we can now move forward in telling you the difference between refurbished and new phone for further clarification!

Difference Between Refurbished And New Phone:

We refer the new phones as the phones that are first handed sold by the manufacturers themselves. Whenever a new model of mobile phone launches in the market, the mobile phone manufacturers sell these mobile phones as the new mobile phones. With this, we have already discussed about the refurbished mobile phones. Now we have to mention the difference between refurbished and new phone and we have to make a decision that which one is better.

The new mobile phones as described above are the newest versions of mobile phones that haven’t been anyone else before. There are many advantages and disadvantages of buying a new phone. The most important advantage of buying a new mobile phone is that you get the latest model of mobile phone right after it is launched, also the new mobile phones are considered to be faultless, and so you can enjoy your phone without any glitch. The major disadvantage of buying a new mobile phone is the higher prices of these new mobile phones. Also you don’t know about any customer reviews about the mobile phone so it is a risk actually in this context. Also it is a myth that the new mobile phones come faultless; we can prove that by mentioning about the dotted screens of S7 Edge and S6 Edge when they were launched. Many of these mobile phones came with black and green dots in their displays.

If we look at the best refurbished phones then we can see that these phones are the best option for the buyers as well. The major disadvantage of buying a refurbished phone is that the buyer cannot buy the latest model. This is because, the mobile phones come in refurbished market once they are purchase and then sold by people. So generally it takes almost 3 to 6 months after the launch of a mobile phone for it to come in the refurbished market. Although there are many advantages of buying best refurbished phones, including; these phones are reliable, you can buy these in lesser prices, these phones are faultless, etc.

If we discuss the difference between refurbished and new phone in terms of battery life then they have almost the same battery life. While in some cases the battery life of the best refurbished phones can be even better than the battery life of a new phone.

Is It Better To Buy A Refurbished Phone or Used?

Now that we know the difference between used, refurbished and new mobile phones, we would be further suggesting you which one to purchase. You shouldn’t buy new mobile phones because of their extremely high prices. While if we see used vs. refurbished phones, then buying the best refurbished phones can prevent you from the hassle. We say this thing as the best refurbished phones are always comprehensively and professionally checked and tested. Moreover the battery lives of the refurbished phones are the best, so by purchasing these you can easily prevent yourself from the battery drainage problem and further reduce the mental stress. So yes, it is better to buy a refurbished phone than used.

What Is The Best Place To Buy Refurbished Phones?

At Alpha SmartPhones you can get the best refurbished phones in the UK online. We claim this as all of the refurbished mobile phones available on our website are comprehensively and professionally tested and checked. We repair the mobile phones with the best quality parts available in the market. Moreover, the accurate descriptions of the mobile phones are written with each one of them to keep the process transparent. We also provide 12 months warranty with every mobile phone that we sell. Furthermore, when you purchase a mobile phone from us, we provide you with the 30 days return policy, through which you can return the device if you don’t get what you have ordered in the first place. With all of this, we provide free doorstep delivery with every device we sell along with easy payment transfer options.

So what are you still waiting for? Buy the best-refurbished phones only from Alpha SmartPhones and avail the best deals.

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