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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Read a Review

Reading Time: 5 minutesLet’s put stuffs into perception: the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was 5.5in and the Note 7 was 5.7in, but the S8+ towers over them both at 6.2in. Or as a minimum, it does on paper: strip off the screen bezels to more or less nothing and switching to a skinny 18.5:9 feature ratio makes this the most controllable big-screen phone… well, perhaps ever.Take an aspect at the spec sheet and there doesn’t appear to be much change between the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus and its smaller brother, but for a smartphone that’s frequently screen, it could translate to a world of variance in real-world use. It’s time to answer the age-old question of whether superior really does mean improved. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Design & Build: Trendsetter Last year’s Galaxy S7 Edge was simply one of the best-looking phones in the world – and however it might as well be…

Samsung or iPhone? – A Detailed Analysis

Reading Time: 3 minutesAn Inclusive Guide to Buy iPhone or Samsung Mobile: Samsung or iPhone? It becomes hard to decide especially under the media pronouncements that declare new Samsung features to have undermined Apple’s boring Mac business. But media propagations often miss out on providing a true narrative which may help the users make an informed decision based on features, software and screen quality, see PIP contact number. It is hard to decide while relying over the previous years of fame and power, Apple had over the Android market. Because the competition in the year 2017 has seriously marked new standards. Samsung Galaxy S8 has been designed to give the new iPhone 7 a true experience of rivalry. But the question remains, which of the two systems are better? Comparison of Samsung and iPhone Design: Samsung Galaxy S8 features a metal frame and a black glass, with a gentle curving of the glass…