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Want to Buy Cheap Refurbished iPhone on this Christmas?

Reading Time: 4 minutesDid you ever wonder, what is the best time to buy refurbished iPhones? This might seem to be a stupid question, but if you pay heed to it, you will find it to be logical. Every year, Apple tends to introduce a new Phone during the month of September to October. Since Apple has the 2-year cycle policy i.e. they don’t introduce an entirely new model of iPhone every year. On the contrary, what they do is they introduce a better and slightly advanced version of the previous model. For instance, iPhone 5s deals, iPhone 5 deals, iPhone 6 for sale, refurbished iPhone 6s and so on. Since the company tends to launch the new slightly up to date version or the entirely new model during September till October. It is then that people tend to sell off their old phones and invest that money to get a new one.…

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