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Top 5 phones that have changed the world for better
Top 5 phones that have changed the world for better

How mobile phones are changing the developing world? This is the question that has been persisting in the minds of the common people around the globe. We are observing the latest technological innovations in the telecommunication industry and we are much mesmerised by the newest additions in the mobile phones by the mobile phone manufacturers. These additions are changing the world for better. And guess what! You can buy these phones as second-hand phones in reasonable prices. In this article we would talk about the phones that changed our perceptions towards mobile phones through their amazing specifications. But first, let’s talk about how phones changed the world?

How Phones Changed The World?

The first handheld mobile phone was produced by Motorola in 1973. This mobile phone wasn’t able to reach out in the market commercially, so people still had to use the other telephones to make calls. The mobile phones actually gained popularity in the late 90s, when people started reaching out to own the mobile phones. Back then, we didn’t have the Smartphones. Those mobile phones were only used to make calls, and after a bit when newer mobile phones reached the market; they also had the option to SMS. In early 2000s, Nokia was the brand that gained the most popularity and almost everyone used to have Nokia mobile phone.

In that era, those mobile phones had changed the world for real as before that time people didn’t really had a portable option to be in contact with other people. Only after some years, the first smartphone was launched by Apple in 2007 and the first android phone was launched a year after in 2008. From then, the smartphone manufacturers started launching their best of the best mobile phone every year and now the mobile phone industry has advanced so much that we cannot even compare the latest mobile phones with the mobile phones in the initial year.

Which Mobile Phones Have Changed The World?

The latest models of mobile phones possess such specifications that we wouldn’t even have thought of a few years back, and now that we have them in our hands we feel very special. The mobile phones these days are multipurpose; if you have a good mobile phone then you don’t need a camera, TV, laptop/PC, etc. We say this as the smartphones have all of these options in a single portable gadget. How phones have changed the world? Some of the most common phones that have changed the world are as follows:

     How Apple iPhone X changed the world:

The first phone that changed the world for real is the 10th anniversary iPhone by Apple. iPhone X was launched in 2017, and people across the UK went gaga over buying this device. People showed such affection towards this phone as this phone crossed all boundaries in the aspect of innovation. The most favourite features that people loved in this iPhone were the infinity display feature and the Augmented Reality feature. The infinity display feature in iPhone X allowed people to get a full view of the display as this iPhone’s front only consist of an end to end screen with no button. Apple excluded the iconic home button from this iPhone to introduce the future forward infinity display to the world.

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This iPhone has a feature of Augmented Reality which allows people to make the reality meet the digital world. You can create animations through this feature and you can directly interact with the digital world through the help of this iPhone’s camera. To include this AR feature; Apple include neural engine along with A11 bionic chip that make AR to happen.

     How Apple iPhone 7 Changed The World:

How this mobile phone has changed the world? Well when this iPhone was released, we didn’t have many phones with the specifications that this iPhone possesses. Apple introduced the new finger print touch in this phone. So what was really new in this Touch ID? Apple introduced a new technology in this iPhone in which the Touch ID was in the home button as an individual panel. This introduction made the fingerprint experience of the users better than the best at that time.

Other than the new Touch ID, Apple introduced dual rear cameras in iPhone 7 Plus. This was the first iPhone that possessed the dual rear cameras. The dual rear cameras included; a 12MP wide-angle camera and a 12MP telephoto camera. The dual rear cameras capture the picture simultaneously, so it has better and vibrant colours with great picture quality. The portrait mode of iPhone 7 Plus cameras stole the hearts of the people across the globe. The portrait mode offers more detailed picture with blurrier background.

     How Samsung Galaxy S9+ Phone Changed The World:

Samsung launched its S9+ in 2018, with the ambition to take over the market like a storm. The most amazing feature that this mobile phone has is its rear camera. This mobile phone possesses dual rear cameras; 12MP wide-angle and 12MP telephoto camera, and these cameras together works just as a human eye. The wide-angle camera in S9+ is super speed dual pixel with variable aperture. It adjusts itself according to the lighting conditions around the object. The telephoto lens of this phone allows it to have a 2x optical zoom that gives you a high quality zoomed picture.

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     How Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone Changed The World:

Back in 2017 this phone changed the perspective of people towards a mobile phone with a button. Samsung Galaxy S8 was the first phone in the Samsung S series to possess infinity display. You can see it like Samsung Galaxy S8 introduced us to the world of infinity displays. Before this mobile phone, no popular mobile phone model had an infinity display. People went crazy for having this phone with the infinity display feature and they did! The sales of Samsung went up when S8 was released.

     How Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone Will Change The World:

Only some days after this phone is going to be launched by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S10 is going to be the 10th anniversary phone of Samsung S series. We can judge the importance of this phone for Samsung as it is the 10th anniversary phone. Samsung is going to add some breath taking features in this mobile phone. The first and foremost feature that is making everyone excited to have this phone is that this phone would be without a notch. Oh yes! Samsung is finally ignoring the notch and introducing a real end-to-end infinity display. We were waiting for this like anything. Moreover, the front camera of this phone would be embedded at the right corner of the screen making it look more beautiful than ever. The mighty S10+ would possess dual front cameras, which is something never done by Samsung before.

Other than these features, this phone would have 3D sonic sensor. What is 3D sonic sensor? This is an inbuilt fingerprint sensor in the display of the phone. So yes, finally you wouldn’t have to use a fingerprint sensor that is located at the rear of your phone making it difficult to use your device.

This phone hasn’t been launched yet, but it is soon going to be launched in February 2019. Only a month after, this phone is going to be launched. But the bad news for you is that this phone is going to be launched at much higher prices than expected. You would have to spend much on buying this phone just after it has been launched. This phone hasn’t changed the world yet but after its launch, it surely will!

Final Verdict:

These phones justify how phones changed the world! Almost all of these phones are available online as second hand phones for sale. We wouldn’t recommend you to buy S10 right away as this phone’s launching price is too high, and a rational buyer should never spend that much over a phone. The other 4 mobile phones discussed earlier are all available for sale online at much lower prices. iPhone X, iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8 are all available at Alpha SmartPhones in unbelievably low prices, so you should shop for them before the prices get higher than expected. For buying a mobile phone from Alpha SmartPhones you just have to visit our website and look for the phone you want to buy. You might find many options available for you on our website; you can select the one that is the most preferable for you. You can find a wide range of second hand and refurbished mobile phones on our website to choose from. Both of these categories are reliable to shop for. You simply have to confirm the purchase and select the payment method that suits you the best. We will send you your phone as soon as possible. All of the phones on our website come with 12 months warranty and 30 days return policy for you to sigh in relief.

Go on and buy a phone that justifies how phones changed the world!

The Reasons Why iPhone 7 Plus Tops Customer Satisfaction Survey
The Reasons Why iPhone 7 Plus Tops Customer Satisfaction Survey

Apple launched its magnificent iPhone 7 plus on September 16, 2016. The launch of this iPhone was a big success as Apple updated various specifications on this mobile phone. There is a huge difference between the specifications of iPhone 6S plus and iPhone 7 plus, and we are going to discuss all of those upgrades later in this article. But let us first talk about the customer satisfaction index.

Apple launched its mighty iPhone X on the 10th anniversary. People went gaga over buying iPhone X because of the changed shape and upgraded specifications. Everyone was hoping that iPhone X would ultimately top the customer satisfaction index, but the thing that has been the most surprising one is that iPhone 7 plus actually beat iPhone X in the satisfaction index. There are various dependents according to which people vote the phones.

Why Apple iPhone 7 Topped Customer Satisfaction Survey? 

One of the major factors that Apple iPhone 7 plus is at the top is because Apple users find this mobile phone to be one of the most reliable iPhone.  Earlier when Apple released iPhone 4 and 4S, people criticized the reliability of those iPhones on the basis of their fragile glass back. Since then, Apple tried its best to manufacture more reliable iPhones for iPhone users. The first thing that it did was to introduce a full metal body. iPhone 7 plus has a tough metal outer body that makes this iPhone one of the most reliable models. Moreover, Apple-designed this iPhone with such perfection that the performance of this mobile phone still steals the hearts of the people.

Now that we know about the potential reasons that made this iPhone top the list, let us talk about the major specification upgrades that Apple included in this iPhone.

1.    Dual Rear Cameras

For the first time in history, Apple added dual rear cameras in its dazzling iPhone 7 plus. These dual rear cameras consist of a 12MP wide-angle camera and a 12MP telephoto camera. These cameras work together to capture the most amazing pictures. The pictures taken by Apple iPhone 7 plus have more vibrant colors and they are more detail-oriented than the ones taken by a normal phone. The best thing about the camera of the iPhone 7 plus is its portrait mode. The portrait mode offers a clearer picture of the focused object while creating a better bokeh in the background.

2.    Bigger Battery

For the first time in history, Apple also excluded the audio jack from the iPhone 7 plus. Why it did so? iPhones are always criticized to have the worst battery life in the smartphone industry. Apple tries its best to come up with a solution for this problem and in its iPhone 7; Apple excluded the 3.5mm audio jack to install a bigger and better battery. The bigger battery resulted in providing better battery timing than iPhone 7 plus’s predecessors.

3.    Water Resistance

As mobile phones are getting more and more popular, people are becoming more and more careless about keeping care of their mobile phones. This is the reason that every now and then the iPhone users accidentally slip their iPhones into water or any other liquid. Due to this issue, we started seeing many cases of iPhone water ingression. To overcome this issue completely, Apple made its iPhone 7 and 7 plus to be water-resistant for the first time. Apple iPhone 7 Plus is water-resistant for 30 minutes up to 1m.

Above mentioned are the three major specifications upgrade that people saw from iPhone 6S to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. After reading about the customer satisfaction survey and the amazing specifications of iPhone 7, you must be wondering if you can find iPhone 7 plus at an affordable price. 

Why Should I Buy a Refurbished iPhone 7 Plus From Alpha SmartPhones?

There are tons of reasons that you should buy refurbished iPhone 7 plus from our website. At this point, you might wonder that if Apple sells refurbished iPhone 7 plus. The answer to this question is yes, but buying refurbished iPhone 7 plus from our website would be a better decision for you. The major reason behind this is that the refurbished iPhones available at our platform and Apple refurbished store is the same in terms of reliability. The plus point for buying refurbished iPhone 7 plus from our website is that we have iPhone 7 plus refurbished available at cheaper prices than at Apple refurbished store. Let us explain the reasons for why you should buy iPhone 7 plus from our website:

  • 12 Months Warranty: All of the mobile phones available on our website come with 12 months warranty. According to the warranty clause, you can get your mobile phone repaired if you find any glitch after you have purchased the device. So buying refurbished iPhone 7 is absolutely safe from our platform.
  • 30 Days Return Policy: If you buy a refurbished iPhone 7 plus from our website then we can confirm that you would get the same device as described on the website. To assure this thing we provide 30 days return policy with the refurbished mobile phones. According to this policy, the customer can return the device within 30 days of purchase if he/she doesn’t get what he/she has ordered in the first place.
  • Wide Range Of iPhones: We have a wide range of iPhone 7 plus available at our platform for you to choose from. If you don’t want to buy locked iPhone 7 plus then you can find a huge variety of iPhone 7 plus refurbished unlocked at cheap prices. Also, you can avail special refurbished iPhone 7 plus deals from our website.

Final Verdict:

The aforementioned are some of the reasons that you should buy a refurbished iPhone 7 plus from our website. Now, you shouldn’t wait for any further and buy an iPhone only from Alpha SmatPhones.

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