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The Surprising Growth of Refurbished Smart Phones Market
The Surprising Growth of Refurbished Smart Phones Market

Who would have ever thought that a pre-owned phone could capture such a huge customer segment and grow to the size that we see it today? It wasn’t that many years ago that there were some whispers about the emergence of a pre-used phone, but no one paid it much attention. Some people were dubious while other completely dismissed it as a temporary buzz. Now it is a few years later, and refurbished phones have become a £ 14 billion global market as of the end of last year, and is predicted to grow even more in the coming years.

Anyone looking to buy a new phone these days definitely comes across the term “refurbished phones”, that is how widespread the trend is these days, especially with vendors like Amazon and Apple itself selling phones like that.

If you are one to research properly before you make a purchase then you must have surely come across the report issued by Counterpoint Research, the firm that examines global industry, shows that the market of phones that have been refurbished has grown 13% year on year, reaching 140 million units in 2017. In contrast, the smartphone market has only grown by about 3%, according to the same report, which is much less than the sale of refurbished smartphones.

Such a rapid growth has caught people by somewhat of a surprise. Why is it that it has become such a hot item in such a short time? Let’s take a look.

What does a “refurbished phone” even mean?

So much talk about a refurbished handset, but what does that even mean? Is it the same as a used phone, because they are nothing new under the sun? A phone is said to be refurbished when it is sold back or returned to a retailer, however, unlike a used or second-hand phone it is not sold again as it was received. Before it is sold again, it is inspected and fixed, if required, and tested tirelessly to avoid any issues. A demo unit can also be sold under the name of refurbished provided that it goes through all the same kinds of testing before it put up for sale.

Because the phones are no longer brand-new, they have been pre-owned, used, opened and repaired, they can no longer be sold at the same price as a new handset, so the retailers lower their prices in order to make a sale. This is why all the refurbished phones are much more affordable than a new smartphone. For instance, iPhone X that is sold for £999 brand-new but its refurbished counterpart maybe sold for about £790. Moreover, these phones that have been refurbished also come with a warranty that may be 30 days or few months that give you peace of mind.

So why have they grown so popular all of a sudden?

Who doesn’t want to save money, especially when you can get the same exact features for much less? Affordability has been one of the major factors contributing to the increased interest in the refurbished handsets.

The prices of the new smartphones are hitting the roof, which has made the customers seek satisfaction elsewhere. And refurbished smartphones have given them exactly that. In fact, it was mentioned in a Wall Street Journal report that the rising prices of the flagship smartphones are sending the customers towards the refurbished handsets. The money people can save on the smartphones these days can actually help them buy other electronic devices like a maybe a television or a laptop.

Some studies have shown that the customers have abandoned the new smartphones altogether and directed their attention solely towards the refurbished phones. The sale of the brand new phones have gone down this year. This may be due to lack of work in the innovation department compelling the customers towards better price options. Every new model launched in just a slight modification of the one before, so customers have started opting for the more affordable older models that are just as good as new.

The smartphone market has saturated thus it seems that companies are running out of mind-boggling ideas. And yet despite that, the prices are whopping high. The slight changes made in the body and in the software are not enough to justify the prices at which these phones are being offered. And so people have started thinking practically and developed a great interest in the refurbished smartphones instead.

Moreover, the upgrade cycles are also one of the other factors that have made refurbished handsets desirable. Previously the upgrade cycle was up to 24 months, but now there has been an unforeseen increase. The upgrade cycle in now rather close to 27 or 28 months. If you are looking to invest for the long term consider green ethical investments..

There is also the matter of electronic waste. While smartphones have no doubt become a necessity, the damages that it causes to the environment cannot be denied. Using refurbished phones is one way to help decrease the electronic waste in the environment. And it has, therefore, become a very appealing option to environmentalists.

So what does this increase mean for the smartphone industry?

The smartphone industry has surely been hit hard by the rise of the refurbished phones, so much so that giants like Apple and Samsung have stepped into the market themselves. This, however, doesn’t solve the issue for their new smartphones.

The critics are urging the companies to upgrade their research and development to provide innovation compelling enough to appeal to the customers. Just goodwill is no longer good enough to get the flagship phones going. They recommend that companies invest in more appealing areas such as augmented reality and other areas of artificial intelligence.

Since there is a lot of buzz about the new 5G network, people will be compelled to buy new models in order to take the next step. However, if the companies continue to shoot their prices higher than the skies then 5G may not be a good reason enough for the people to move away from the refurbished phones.

Are there any benefits of buying Refurbished iPhone 7 Plus?
Are there any benefits of buying Refurbished iPhone 7 Plus?

iPhones are the best smartphones! We have heard this thing from many around the UK. To find out if this statement is true or not, you would definitely have to buy refurbished iPhone to check it yourself. Why do we ask you to buy refurbished mobile phone? There are many advantages of buying a refurbished mobile phone when you are buying a mobile phone with a new OS. The most important advantage is that you don’t have to spend a lot for buying a reliable mobile phone if you go for a refurbished one. Or even if you are not changing the OS and you just want to try out an older model of mobile phone, refurbished mobile phones are the best option in this case as well.

iPhone 7 Plus was launched in 2016 and this iPhone is considered as a comparatively older model of iPhone. The best feature that Apple added in this mobile phone was the dual rear cameras in this model of iPhone. Before iPhone 7 Plus, there wasn’t even a single iPhone having the feature of dual rear cameras. Keeping this thing aside, the major question that people have in their minds is ‘should I buy a refurbished iPhone 7 plus?’ and ‘what is the best place to buy refurbished iPhone 7 plus?’ By the end of this article you would have a clear idea about whether to buy refurbished iPhone 7 plus or not and where to buy refurbished iPhone 7 plus.

Benefits of Buying Refurbished iPhone 7 Plus:

There are various advantages of buying refurbished iPhone 7 plus but the important ones are discussed below for your clearer understanding about refurbished phones.

Buy Reliable Refurbished iPhone 7 Plus in the UK!

Refurbished mobile phones are the most reliable pre-owned devices that you can buy. How are the refurbished mobile phones reliable? There are various reasons behind this statement. After reading the reasons, you would definitely buy refurbished iPhone 7 plus.

     Repaired Comprehensively:

The refurbished mobile phones are always repaired professionally and comprehensively. Whenever a refurbishing/recycling platform buys a second hand mobile phone, it checks that mobile phone thoroughly to find the flaws in that mobile phone. Once the glitches are diagnosed, the mobile phone recycling platform sends the mobile phone for the repair. These mobile phones are repaired by the professionals and the best parts are used in the repair process.

     100% Working Conditions:

Once the mobile phones are repaired, they are checked again if any problem perseveres. If any of the issue does, the mobile phone recycling platform again sends the mobile phone for the repair, and once it gets repaired again; the platform again checks the working condition of the mobile phone. The repairing process continues until the mobile phone comes in 100% working conditions. When the mobile phone comes in 100% working conditions, only then the mobile phone recycling platform lists that specific mobile phone on its website.


If you buy a refurbished mobile phone from a reliable mobile phone recycling platform, then it provides certain warranties with the mobile phones. The warranty clause shows that these devices are the most reliable ones out there. The mobile phone recycling platform has no doubts in the reliability of these devices so they provide the warranties with these devices without any worry. Through the warranty, if any problem arrives in the mobile phone afterwards; you can easily get that problem repaired from the platform for free.

     Return Policies:

Usually the mobile phone recycling platforms provide the customers with return policies. According to these return policies, if a customer doesn’t get what they have ordered then they can easily return the device without bearing any extra charges. This shows that the mobile phone recycling platforms write the honest descriptions about the refurbished mobile phones on their websites.

Buy Refurbished iPhone 7 Plus in Reasonable Prices!

If you buy refurbished iPhone 7 plus then you don’t only buy reliable mobile phone in cheap prices, but you are also prevented from spending extra costs for buying a mobile phone. The refurbished mobile phones available on the online platforms are the most reliable devices that you can get, we already proved that. These devices aren’t only reliable, but they are available in the most reasonable prices. You can’t get reliable mobile phones in such reasonable prices from anywhere else.

Refurbished mobile phones save extra costs as well that you might have to bear if you buy an iPhone 7 from anywhere else. These costs might include the repair costs that you might have to bear after you have purchased a mobile phone. Mobile phones are much vulnerable towards damages; you don’t know when a problem might occur in your mobile phone. The refurbished mobile phones come with warranties, so if any problem arrives after you have purchased the mobile phone then you can easily get it repaired for free. You would have to pay to get these problems repaired if you buy a mobile phone from anywhere else.

Moreover, when you buy a mobile phone you have to bear certain miscellaneous costs that might include; transportation cost, delivery costs, etc. If you buy refurbished iPhone 7 plus then you prevent yourself from such costs. We say this as you don’t have to travel anywhere to buy these phones as you can easily find these phones online. Furthermore, you don’t have to bear the delivery costs as usually the mobile phone recycling platforms deliver the phones free of cost.

Buy Refurbished iPhone 7 Plus Without Any Delay!

If you want to buy refurbished iPhone 7 plus then you can get it right away without any delay. We say this thing as you can easily find the phone that you want on the mobile phone recycling platforms and when you order a mobile phone; the mobile phone recycling platform sends the phone right away and you can have the phone in your hands in 1 – 3 days by maximum.

If you buy a second hand phone from the other platforms, you might have to deal with the seller directly. Moreover, you would have to surf on the internet on different websites to find the mobile phone that seems acceptable for you. After you have found the phone, you would have to meet the seller and if the deal closes successfully only then you would be able to get the device.

Now that we have discussed the advantages of buying a refurbished iPhone 7 plus or a refurbished mobile phone in general, you can easily go for a refurbished mobile phone without having any doubts. We have to now answer other question that you had in your minds ‘what is the best place to buy refurbished iPhone 7 plus?’

Where To Buy Refurbished iPhone 7 Plus?

There are various platforms available online from where you can buy refurbished iPhone 7 plus in the UK. All of these platforms aren’t reliable and also not every platform provides you with the benefits discussed above. To find and buy the most reliable refurbished mobile phone, the first thing that you have to do is to find a reliable platform. To do so, you would have to find the customer reviews for the platforms. You can find the reviews on the website of the platform itself, or you would have to look for the reviews on a reviews dedicated website i.e. TrustPilot. Once you have found a reliable platform, you would have to look for the services that the platform is providing its customers with. The extra services are all discussed above in the ‘benefits’ part of this article. For your ease we are going to talk about Alpha SmartPhones as it is the best platform to buy a refurbished iPhone 7 plus from.

Alpha SmartPhones – Best Place To Buy Refurbished iPhone 7 Plus!

Alpha SmartPhones is the best platform to buy a refurbished iPhone 7 plus in the UK. We claim ourselves as the best one as we provide our customers with all of the benefits discussed above. All of the refurbished mobile phones available on our website are fully refurbished & professionally tested. Moreover, these mobile phones come with 1 year warranty & easy returns, fast & free delivery via DPD courier and 100% purchase protection. The purchase protection includes; 30 days return policy, original products, payment protection and easy returns.

Final Verdict:

Now that you know the benefits of buying refurbished iPhone 7 plus from Alpha SmartPhones, you shouldn’t wait any further and visit our website to buy the best refurbished iPhone 7 plus.

What is the cheapest way to buy an iPhone X?
What is the cheapest way to buy an iPhone X?

Do you want to buy iPhone X? Are you looking for the cheapest way to buy an iPhone X? Then you landed at the right article as we are going to suggest you the best ways to buy an iPhone X in this article.

Buying the latest models by Apple isn’t a smart decision because of various reasons. If you want to buy iPhone X then you are making the right decision as this phone is a year old now. Buying the latest model by a mobile phone brand can cause you to fall in many problems. We can observe this thing by looking at the problems that are diagnosed in the latest models by Apple; iPhone XS and XS Max. As the time passes by, the mobile phone manufacturer finds the ways to minimise or eliminate the problem in its existing phones. The best amount of time that we can wait is at least a year before buying the phone that you wanted on its launch. A year has passed since the launch of iPhone X and Apple did its best in the last year to eliminate the issues that the users faced initially. Now we can confidently buy iPhone X as these phones are problem free, but if not we can say that the problems are now minimised to the limit that we can ignore them.

Where Can I buy an iPhone X Today?

There are many places offline and online from where you can buy best quality iPhone X. To find the cheapest place to buy iPhone X; you would have to hang on and read till the end of this article. If we compare the online and offline stores then buying iPhone X from online stores is the better decision. As by doing so, you wouldn’t have to physically roam around in the market to find the phone that suits your needs the best. When you buy iPhone X online, you wouldn’t have to physically roam around; rather you would have to surf on the internet to find the best home visiting doctor platform that is the cheapest. But after completing this article, there wouldn’t have any need to surf on the internet as we are going to tell you about the best place to buy iPhone X in the UK.

Places to buy iPhone X Online:

There are various places from where you can buy an iPhone X online. You could’ve bought an iPhone X from Apple’s official website, but unfortunately after the launch of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR Apple discontinued the production of iPhone X and stopped selling it on its official stores. This decision was taken by Apple not because iPhone X wasn’t worth it, but because the price of iPhone XR was much lower than the price of a new iPhone X. To save its reputation, Apple discontinued the production and sale of iPhone X to promote iPhone XR. So now, you can only purchase a second hand or refurbished iPhone X and enjoy the amazing specifications in lesser prices. Following are the places where you can get iPhone X online:

     Buy iPhone X from Classified Ads:

You can easily find and buy iPhone X from classified ads. There are many websites online working in the UK, where people post the ads of their mobile phones and wait until a potential buyer contacts them and buys their phone. You have to find and visit such website online and look for the ads that people have put on for selling their iPhone X. You might find many advertisements online, but all of them aren’t worth it. You have to shortlist and scrutinise the best options you have in iPhone X ads. Once you have shortlisted the ones that are in your budget, the next thing that you have to do is to contact the owners of these mobile phones.

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To contact the owners, you might find their contact information with the advertisement or you may have to contact them through the classified advertisement website. After you have talked to the sellers, you have to select one according to the price of their phone and the possibility to bargain. After selecting, you have to go to meet the owner and to check if the phone is as described as originally in the ad or not. And if it is, how much is the seller willing to bargain. If the deal closes successfully, you would have your iPhone X in your hands or if not then you would have to find another seller and check his phone until you find the perfect iPhone X for you.

You might find an iPhone X easily through the classified ads but the major problem here is that you cannot trust the person who you are buying the phone from. The person might be a scam and he might sell you an iPhone that is faulty. Or when you go to meet the seller in person, you might find yourself in trouble if the seller is a thief.

     Buy iPhone X from Refurbished and Second Hand Mobile Selling Platforms:

If you want to buy iPhone X then the second option that you have are the platforms online that sell refurbished and second hand mobile phones. There are various such platforms available online in the UK but you cannot trust every single platform. If you are going for such a platform, then search for the ones that provide warranties and other policies with the phones to get a reliable iPhone X. Once you find the platforms that are selling reliable iPhone X, the next thing that you have to do is to find reviews about those platforms. You might find the reviews on the website of the platform itself or you might have to visit certain reviews dedicated websites e.g. TrustPilot. The reviews tell you everything about a platform, but the thing that you have to keep in mind is that one bad review cannot judge the credibility of a platform. You have to read various reviews before setting your mind.

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To make this thing easier for you, Alpha SmartPhones is the website that provides people with the best refurbished and second hand mobile phones in the UK.

Alpha SmartPhones – Best Place to Buy Apple iPhone X:

We claim Alpha SmartPhones to be the best place in the UK for you to buy Apple refurbished iPhone in the UK as we have a wide range of iPhone X available on our website. You can buy iPhone X for yourself and be tension free as you would get the best device from our website. To buy iPhone X from our website you would have to visit Alpha SmartPhones and search for iPhone X. You might find more than one option on the result page as we sell iPhone X in every storage capacity, colour and condition. The prices of these iPhone X mainly depend on the condition and storage capacities of these phones, so you have a pool of options to choose from. Choose the best option for yourself, and confirm the purchase. You might not find the cheapest iPhone X at our website but you are surely going to find the most reliable iPhone X from our website at reasonable prices. When you buy refurbished iPhone X or a second hand iPhone X from our website, we provide you with 12 months warranty. So if any problem is diagnosed after you have bought iPhone X from us then you can easily claim the warranty and get it repaired for free. The iPhone X available on our website are all in 100% working condition and are professionally and comprehensively tested and checked. Moreover, we would provide you with easy return policy through which if you don’t receive what you have ordered, you can easily return the iPhone X back to Alpha SmartPhones. With all of these perks, we provide free doorstep delivery with every mobile we sell.

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