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Boom of Second-hand phone market in UK
Boom of Second-hand phone market in UK

The United Kingdom has one of the biggest mobile-phone markets in the world. The ever growing population of the UK is one of the factor behind this increased market share. People are always opting for better smartphones that can help them in various aspects of life. That is the sole reason that people these days in the UK are going for second-hand or pre-owned mobile phones. We will include the reasons behind this boom in the second-hand phone market in the UK and why people are buying used phones later in this article. 

Do you have the latest smartphone? Can you afford a brand new or latest smartphone? These are the two questions that everyone should ask from themselves before upgrading their device. By looking at living conditions in the UK it can be deduced that people are now smart and they are aware of prioritizing their needs. Back in early 2000s, when smartphones came into existence, people went gaga over buying the latest models in the market as soon as they were launched. But as the time passed, people became more aware of the high prices of the latest smartphones. But still some companies are selling their phones on high prices by their Outbound Marketing.

Below, there are some of the reasons behind the boom of second-hand phone market in the UK:

1.      High prices of new smart phones:

Apple has the biggest market share in the UK, when it comes to the smartphone industry. People are buying Apple devices as they are user friendly andmuch more. But these days, the phones that Apple is launching are too expensive to be bought by rational consumers. The biggest example that we can take here is that; back in 2007 when iPhone 1 was launched, the launching price of that smartphone was £499. Contrary to this, the latest iPhone XS and XS Max’s launching prices were £999 and £1,099 respectively.

You can see 100% raise in the launching price of iPhone in just 11 years. This raise in the launching price has awakened the people, and they are now prioritizing their needs. Buying an iPhone worth more than a thousand pounds sterling is not observed as an intelligent decision by people.

This is the most important reason that has encouraged the people to buy used phones.

2.      Less innovation in new smartphones:

Apple is launching new phones every year, but these phones aren’t worth it if we look at the innovation aspect. No doubt that Apple provided us with some innovation last year with the infinity display of iPhone X, but other than that, iPhone X had almost the same features as iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Let us provide you with a simple comparison between the features of iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and the latest iPhone XS;

  • Colour Scheme: The colour scheme of iPhones have been consistent since iPhone 5S. iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and iPhone XS all come in silver, space grey and gold colours. So, we are still waiting for some fun colours to be added by Apple to their iPhones rather than these three colours.
  • LCD: LCD is one of the biggest factors why iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are different. Yes, that is one of the innovation that iPhone provided its users with. iPhone 8 Plus have 5.5” retina HD display while iPhone X has 5.8” super retina HD display.
    Apple did that right! But if, on the other hand, we compare the LCD’s of iPhone X and XS, they both are same and the price difference between these two is huge.
  • Camera: The rear cameras of all these devices are same i.e. Dual 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras. So why should people buy iPhone XS when it has the same camera as iPhone 8?
    The front camera of all these models is also the same i.e. 7MP TrueDepth camera.
  • Security: iPhone 8 plus has the touch id (fingerprint sensor) through which you can unlock your iPhone from your finger prints. Apple introduced the feature of face recognition in iPhone X but unfortunately this overly hyped feature failed to work and impress the people even at the launch of iPhone X last year.
    Although, Apple has improved this feature in iPhone XS. But this feature hadn’t had much of an impact on people in the UK, as they can easily and quickly unlock their phones with their fingers as compared to the failed attempts to unlock their device with their faces.
  • Water Resistance: Well when apple introduced the feature of water resistance in iPhone 7; that was a big innovation indeed! After that in iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone XS Apple has given the same feature, the only difference is that iPhone 8 and iPhone X are water resistant up to 1m depth for 30 minutes, while iPhone XS is water resistant up to 2m depth for 30 minutes.
    That is a difference of 1m depth but unfortunately that’s not an innovation by Apple.
  • Charging: All of the three devices have the same mode of charging. Although the battery life is made better by Apple in each of these models.
  • Dual SIM: introducing dual SIM compatible iPhone XS was not an innovation at all. There are many other mobile phone companies that offered dual SIM feature way before it was launched in iPhone XS.

We can see from this brief comparison that the most popular phone in the UK “iPhone” is offering as such no great innovation for the people in its latest models. And on the other hand the prices of the latest models of iPhone are even crossing thousand pound sterling. So, this is clear that one can easily purchase a second hand iPhone 8 plus or even an iPhone 7 plus at much lower price than the latest one and can enjoy the same features.

Not only Apple, the other major competitors i.e. Samsung, Huawei, etc. are also doing the same thing every year. People these days in the UK are much intelligent and smart, and they are surely smarter than these latest smartphones. That is the major reason that people are opting for less costly second hand phones these days in the UK.

3.      Expensive accessories and parts:

Yes, the accessories for the latest phones are also very expensive. Let it be the phone’s cover, or a compatible charger, etc. The accessories of the expensive latest models of mobile phones are also very expensive. So it’s not just a one-time expense for buying the latest model, the list of expenses for that expensive phone goes on. Contrary to this, the accessories of the older models are comparatively cheaper and affordable.

There are many devices which help the users in using a smartphone these days. One such device is a smart watch. Smart watch helps people in various ways and it has made lives of the people easier. People want to buy these watches, but if they spend their whole month’s salary on the expensive latest smartphone, how would they afford a smart watch then? As discussed previously, people these days are smarter when taking such decisions. People in the UK are buying cheaper second hand phones, so that they can afford the other helping devices as well with their smartphones while being in their limited yet smart budget.

With all of this, the repairing costs of the latest models are also too high. As smartphones are becoming popular, people are taking less care of their phones. That is why every other person we know has a phone with a broken LCD. The parts and the repairing costs of the latest models are very expensive as compared to the parts of the older models. So, people in UK are going for second hand phones to afford the repair prices if they accidentally break their phone, as they can reliably be delivered by a domestic or international courier service.

Discussed above are some of the major reasons that people these days are giving more attention to buy used phones rather than going for the latest models. We at AlphaSmartPhones, also think that buying a used phone is an intelligent decision. The statistics of sales of the best-selling phone in the UK “iPhone” clearly shows a downfall in the recent years. The growth rate in the purchase of iPhones was steady from 2011 to 2014, i.e. approx. 15% each year. But it raised to approx.18% when iPhone 6s was launched, as people in the UK saw the innovation in that phone, but after that the growth in purchase of iPhone in the UK fell drastically, and in 2017 the growth rate surprisingly fell to a mere 2.7%.

These statistics act as a proof that people are not buying the latest smartphones now. The major reasons behind this decision by people in the UK are discussed briefly in this article.

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iOS vs Android Which OS works great in Refurbished Phones?
iOS vs Android Which OS works great in Refurbished Phones?

Refurbished phones gained their popularity right after the launch of first smartphone in the UK. Since then, people always look forward to own refurbished smartphones as they are reliable, less costly, have warranties, and much more. These days you can find any smartphone as a refurbished one online in the UK. Easy availability of these refurbished smartphones makes us wonder, is iOS a better OS or is Android the better OS to have in the refurbished smartphones. If you have the same question in your mind, then this article would serve you as a guide to purchase whichever OS suites you.

If you are willing to buy refurbished phones, then you would have to look at the aspects described below:

     Price Range:

The price range is the biggest factor that comes in your way while purchasing a refurbished smartphone. The price of the smartphones actually depends upon the operating software that they possess. For the ease of understanding, we can compare the prices of refurbished Samsung phones and refurbished iPhones. The price of refurbished Samsung phones is slightly less than the prices of refurbished iPhones.

We can see the price difference but this price difference has nothing to do with the operating software used in any of these smartphone categories. The price of every commodity is always dependent upon the demand of that specific commodity. Demand for iPhones has always been higher in the UK than that of Samsung phones.

     Amount of Applications:

We might think that all of the apps available on Play Store must also be available on App Store; this is not true! The statistics show that Play Store is proven to have much more apps as compared to the number of apps on App Store. The application developers don’t always launch every app on both of the platform but they choose their landing platform wisely.

Due to the high usage of Android smartphones all over the world, app developers always tend to launch their applications on Play Store first, and later the app might come on iOS as well.

There is another reason behind Play Store having more applications; the Android phones are observed to be more customisable than iOS ones. This is the reason that almost all of the applications developed by developers are compatible with Android. But the important point here is that we don’t always use all of the applications available on either of these platforms. We generally install the most famous and the most usable apps on our smartphones and most of these applications are available on both of these platforms.

Contrary to the discussion above, somehow we always find the new gaming applications to be launched on App Store and later on Play Store, while it is not a must that all of the gaming applications that are available in App Store always come in Play Store as well.

By looking at this comparison, iOS is the winner here as we prefer quality over quantity.

    Accessibility and Usability of Applications:

If we look at the interface of the App Store and Play Store then both of these have a very user friendly interface through which you can find and install the applications. Both of these serve the users with a wide range of applications on their data bases. You can easily buy and install the application through your Touch ID on both of these stores.

The upper edge of Play Store here is that you can easily download the apps from browser on your PC or laptop. Moreover you can easily manage the list of applications being downloaded on your mobile phone. With all of this, Android phones support applications available on the other mediums as well. Hence it provides us with an ease to use our phones while letting us download the applications that we want.

Looking at the privileges provided by Play Store, we can say Android proves to be better in this aspect.

    Software Updates:

Software updates keep your smartphones up to date with the latest developments in the operating software. No matter if you have a new phone or an old one, if it is updated to the latest version of the software then it would perform just as the latest device.

Whenever Apple launches an iPhone, it makes sure that it is compatible with the software updates in the coming 4 to 5 years. Although, iPhone users have a firm belief about a negative strategy of Apple that it slows down the older models whenever a new model is launched through its software updates. We don’t really have a proof for that, and neither have we wanted to comment on something like this here.

On the other hand, Android OS is a separate entity than the smartphones running on it. That is the reason that the updates by Android sometimes reach your phone even after a year from their launch. Although if you own a Google powered smartphones, then you may get the software updates shortly after they are launched by Android.

If we look at this case, then owning an Apple iPhone is better as we can update our iPhones as soon as an update is launched.

    Battery Life:

Comparing the battery life of Android and iOS is a tough job as almost all of the mobile phone manufacturers (expect Apple and Windows) make their mobile phones to run on Android OS. Let us make our comparison more precise by comparing Samsung phones with iPhones. iPhones are the most criticized smartphones when it comes to their battery timing. When comparing with Samsung phones, iPhone are much worse than the Samsung phones in terms of battery timing.

Both of these OS provide the users with the ease of checking the breakdown of the battery usage. You can see that which app is consuming more power and which one is consuming less. Moreover, you can extend the battery life in both of these OS by different battery modes available in the settings app.

The best thing about Samsung phones is that almost all of the models after S6 provide you with the option of fast charging, and the fast chargers usually come along with the smartphones. On the other hand for Apple iPhones, only the iPhones after iPhone 8 are compatible with fast charging and wireless charging and you would have to purchase the fast chargers separately if you opt for Apple iPhones.

In this case, there is a clear cut winner in front of us; Android OS.


As discussed before, Android phones are more customisable than Apple iPhones. In Android phones you can easily customise almost everything according to your preference and ease. From themes to widgets, everything can be set according to your preference. While on iPhones, you can’t really have this leverage. However, you can customise your iPhone as well but it provides you with much lesser accessibility to do so.


The usability of these both OS depends upon your preferences. If you are new to using smartphones or if you are buying a phone for your elderly relative then you would have to look for options that are easy to use. In such a case, iOS is proven to be better than Android due to its relatively simple interface. Moreover, most of the Samsung phones also provide its users with the option of easy mode through which the phone becomes easy to use by elderly people and new users.

Final Verdict:

We cannot really comment on which OS is better while looking at the list of comparisons provided above. The best OS can only be chosen according to your preferences, and no one else can judge; which one is better for you. Both of these OS have their own pros and cons, and you would have to decide which feature you need the most.

The best news for you is that you can get both of these OS if you buy refurbished phones, and at Alpha SmartPhones we have a wide range of Samsung phones and iPhones for you to choose from. Both of these OS would work great on the mobile phones if you buy a refurbished phone from us, as all of the mobile phones available on our website are comprehensively and professionally checked and are in 100% working conditions. So if you buy a refurbished mobile phone from us, you won’t be having any issues regarding the software or hardware of the phone. Even if after purchasing the phone, you find any issue regarding the software (OS) or hardware of the phone, you can easily claim the warranty that we provide with every smartphone available on our website.

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