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Buy Used and Refurbished iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 plus and 7 Online in UK

Established in UK, Alpha Smartphones is the best online retailer of the most diverse mobile phones on the scale from the brand new models to older ones, which are elsewhere hard to find. If your wish is to extend the current use of the mobile phone with some improved version or if you prefer to stay with your favorite model, we are ready to fulfill your wish. Alpha Smartphones remains at your disposal to help you find the right choice according to your demands. Whatever you finally select, it will be the reliable device in proper condition, which is guaranteed. If you have one of the most popular and powerful devices on your mind – an Apple iPhone, you have to know that we are an authorized dealer and as such we take pride in offering you all manufactured models from the Apple iPhone 4s to the Apple iPhone 7.


Explore Different Options to Buy Apple iPhone

At Alpha Smartphones you may purchase new Apple iPhones, but we offer you more than one option and you are not limited only to new devices. The purchase of used or refurbished Apple iPhone should be taken into consideration, especially if you intend to achieve the double benefit of having a good quality product and save money at the same time.

Choosing to buy used Apple iPhone can provide you with the cheapest Apple iPhone you can have, but completely functional. All devices have been subject to detailed examination, they were repaired if necessary, and some parts were possibly replaced. Minor physical damages, such as small scratches, may be present but you will never take the risk of buying the device which is not fully functional. Our team of highly skilled and professional technicians guarantees for every procedure on used Apple iPhones at Alpha Smartphones workshop.

If you are in the mood of spending a little bit more money, you can choose to buy refurbished Apple iPhone, which is also a second-hand device but almost as god as new. At Alpha Smartphones we are selling refurbished Apple iPhones at the most affordable prices and covered with the 12 months warranty. In a lot of cases Apple iPhones come to our stock after a very short period of use and if it is necessary to replace some parts it is done exclusively with grade A replacements. What you receive with the purchase of refurbished Apple iPhone is a second-hand device only according to its pre-owned status.


Take Advantages of Buy Apple iPhone at Alpha Smartphones

First of all, whether you choose to buy new, used or refurbished Apple iPhone at Alpha Smartphones you are 100% protected and in our eyes you are the valuable customer whose satisfaction is our primer interest. It means that:

-          We sell only unlocked smartphones.

-          All iPhones are ESN checked so there is absolutely no possibility that they are stolen or blocked for some other reason.

-          Our return policy guarantees that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to us within agreed time period and we will refund your costs.


Whatever your favorite Apple iPhone device might be, you have to know that just after your order has completed the selected device will be on its way to you, ready to use. Our five-star rating is the proof of quality and kind customer service, which is at any time willing to answer all your questions about some specific Apple iPhone, terms and conditions of purchase or our business policy. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information about your favorite brand or the variety of possibilities to buy a prestige smartphone at lowest costs.