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At Alpha SmartPhones we sell wide range of top quality at affordable prices, used and refurbished mobile phones. There are many benefits of buying a factory refurbished Apple iPhone 5s from Alpha SmartPhones as it comes with 12 Months warranty that gives you easy on pocket sort of satisfaction. When you buy one of our best price refurbished Apple iPhone 5s or any other model, not only do you save money but also have our customer satisfaction guarantee with a 1 year warranty and 30-days money back guarantee to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our product and services.

Best Quality Factory Refurbished Apple iPhone 5s

Buy Used & Factory Refurbished iPhone 5s 16gb and 32gb Smartphones

Buying a factory refurbished iPhone 5s can be very confusing and stressful, especially if you are searching for the best possible device at the lowest rate. We made it pretty easier for you and your search can, fortunately, stop at Alpha Smartphone, the UK based company with the best online service and the most diverse range of mobile phones. Here you can surf through the world’s best brands, models and even colours all at one place. Just a couple of clicks from you the best new, used or refurbished smartphones are waiting to be chosen according to your needs and preferences, including the famous Apple iPhone 5s. If you were thinking that it might be just the right choice for you to buy refurbished iPhone 5s, in depth search for its specifications is no longer necessary. You will find all you need to know about popular refurbished iPhone 5s 16gb and 32gb at Alpha Smartphone online shop.


Why Factory Refurbished iPhone 5s?

This question may seem needless if we know that factory refurbished iPhone 5s 16gb and 32gb was the best-selling Apple product in the period from 2013 to 2016. As an authorised dealer of Apple iPhones we at Alpha Smartphone will be happy to emphasise certain features that make Apple iPhone 5s such a great device. Once it was introduced to the market it shortly conquered hearts of many users, thanks to its brand new characteristics or, let us make it clear, huge advantages.


  1. A7 chip with 64-bit architecture was first implemented on refurbished iPhone 5s and it actually means that all CPU and graphics presentations are two times faster than its predecessor. Moreover, it is empowered with iOS 7 for stable performance. The camera app also takes an advantage of this processor and visual effects are hardly comparable to any other. If gaming is your favourite hobby just imagine your future performance level.
  2. Fingerprint scanner known as Touch ID is something you probably saw in some movie but with Apple iPhone 5s you can enjoy this feature for yourself. Identity sensor is connected with the Home button. Except for the fast unlocking the phone you can use fingerprint recognition (360° readability) for online purchasing. Forget about choosing some complicated pin to protect the content of your personal device and do not worry about Home button, it is scratch resistant and there is no possibility of not recognising your touch ID.
  3. 8-megapixel iSight camera on the Apple iPhone 5s contains a larger sensor, it allows better enlighten and shooting 10 pictures per second is enabled if using a continuous burst mode. If you prefer help by shooting you can count on real-time analysis and suggestions. The further great feature is adjustable flash with more alternative enlightening combinations. Image stabilisation makes the shooting of moving objects easier and shooting slow motion video is enabled with the special mode.


Why Buy at Alpha Smartphones?

Hundreds of our satisfied customers testify of Alpha Smartphones’ excellent service and the opportunity to buy Apple iPhone 5s 16gb or 32gb, refurbished or used. Factory Refurbished iPhone 5s is as good as new but for more affordable price since it is basically a second-hand device. Your purchase is safe if made at Alpha Smartphones since refurbished Apple iPhone 5s is covered with 12 months warranty which comes first at the end of detailed examinations by our team of iPhone experts.

You do not have to spend a lot of time anymore thinking how to spare some money and you can right now decide to buy a used Apple iPhone 5s still one of the bestsellers. If you have some dilemma about your purchase, let our Customer Service help you to solve it. It will be our utmost pleasure to assure you that you have just made the right decision. This would be the best Apple iPhone 5s, choice for the cheapest price but still it will not bring into question the quality of your iPhone.