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Alpha Smartphoneshas been supplying refurbished Apple iPhone 6 plus models for many happy customers throughout the UK and beyond, and our customers keep returning for the great prices and our world class customer service. These models are a customer favourite, and we are able to assure unlocked, premium serviced devices which are ready to use because of our highly knowledgeable, technical team who makes sure each device is refurbished to its peak performance. Our customers tell us, again and again, they are impressed with the quality, service, and warranties. Take a look at our wide selection of refurbished Apple iPhone 6 plus devices, and take the time to read through our guarantee. We know you’ll be impressed, too.


Customer Favourite Features

For those who are looking to buy Apple iPhone 6 plus phones, there few very cool features that seem to be the favourites. The live photo feature allows users to take a “live” photo which is saved as a .mov file. The most finicky of photographers will love the ability to have more than just a still photograph. The 3-D feature for multitasking is another favourite for those wanting to get to apps without the need to double click the home key. Of course, every customer will love the high-quality device whether purchasing refurbished Apple iPhone 6 plus from Alpha Smartphones or refurbished one.Its design is built to last, and all of our devices are unlocked, serviced, and ready to ship. These remain our best sellers and we keep a wide variety in stock. Take a look at the selection and we know you’ll find the perfect device for you or for that gift you need.


Great Quality at Affordable Rates

We are sure you’ve seen the prices on these quality devices, We are also sure you will be thrilled with not only the price of our refurbished Apple iPhone 6 plus models, but also with the fact you get all the features and benefits, without the high price. We guarantee our refurbished models have been inspected, upgraded and repaired to the highest standard. You will appreciate all the quality at a price you won’t find anywhere except at Alpha Smartphone.


Refurbished Apple iPhone 6 Plus Model

All of our Refurbished phones have been inspected by our knowledgeable and professional technical team to assure all the features are in working order. You will appreciate getting the lowest price of any Apple iPhone 6 plus models we offer.  When looking at all of our gently Refurbished devices, you may not be sure it’s a great fit for you, so let us know and we are happy to help you choose. We love our customers and we are here to help whether it’s questions on how to use a feature or the warranty on our Refurbished iPhone 6 Plus devices, we are glad you’re here!


Refurbished Apple iPhone 6 Plus at Alpha Smartphones

Every one of our refurbished Apple iPhone 6 Plus devices has been expertly inspected and upgraded to the highest standards of Alpha Smartphone. Because we want to make sure our customers are happy, we make every effort to ensure the device is of the best quality before it gets to you. We even guarantee it. Take a look at the huge variety of Apple devices, decide which is best for you then make sure you look at our warranty and customer service guarantees. We are sure you won’t find anything better than Alpha Smartphone’s customer friendly prices.




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