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Apple iPhone XS 64GB Silver Unlocked - Refurbished Grade A
Apple iPhone XS 64GB Silver Unlocked - Refurbished Grade A

Price:  £414.99  444.99

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Apple iPhone XS 64GB Space Grey Smartphone
Apple iPhone XS 64GB Space Grey Smartphone

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Refurbished iPhone X for Sale in UK – Buy Now

iPhone X is the latest Apple mobile phone that has recently stepped into in this advanced tech world. Though it can make you surprised with its stunning specifications, you will be stunned at the high cost of brand new iPhone X if you have a short budget in your tight pocket. Well, don’t be sad. You can own it by considering to buy a used or refurbished iPhone X. Browse the fresh stock of refurbished iPhone x for Sale at Alpha Smartphones and Shop Now!


What is Refurbished iPhone X?

Refurbished iPhone X is look-like the original one. Although the refurbished phone is not a brand new, their quality and performance are very much close to the new one. If you buy a factory refurbished iPhone X unlocked and SIM Free from an authorised retailer in UK, you can save lots of money compared to a brand new mobile.


Why Buy a Used or Refurbished iPhone X?

Getting an iPhone X refurbished is a wise option for those who can’t afford the cost of a brand new iPhone X. Refurbished iPhone X phones have been successfully renewed and all kinds of hardware and software glitches have been fixed. They have been refurbished to the brand new condition, not only in looks but also in performance. This is why they are available for sale with good deals of discount.

Don’t missthe best Used, Second hand or Refurbished iPhone X deals offered by a trusted retailer in UK if you want to get it with some needed accessories such as charger, battery, and headphones etc.


Where to buy Refurbished iPhone X? The Answer is Alpha Smartphones!

Alpha Smartphones is a predominant certified UK retailer offering an amazing selection of refurbished, used, and second hand Apple smartphones including iPhone X at the most competitive prices in UK. Apart from our unbeatable price matching policy, we provide an exclusive 30-days money back guarantee on all of the listed products. If the product you have bought is faulty, rest assured because Alpha Smartphones will get it back for you. Our diverse range of refurbished iPhone X includes factory refurbished, unlocked and SIM Free phones that are tested by our expert technicians. We offer 1-year full warranty for all listed products as well.

Check out our latest variety of used and Refurbished iPhone X for Sale and get your favourite handset at unbeatable price!