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Refurbished iPhone & Mobile Phones for Sale in UK

At Alpha Smartphones we are very proud of our reputation of being one of the leading refurbished iphone & Mobile Phones sellers in the UK. We take pride in our excellent customer service, and guarantee to sell only 100% working phones.

All of our technicians are highly trained specialists, in the refurbishment of phones, and our workshop has all the latest diagnostic tools and equipment. We are also approved sellers of all the leading brands of mobile phones.


Refurbished phones

Refurbished phones are pre-owned phones that have been returned in a nearly new condition. They are then tested and run through extensive diagnostic tests. Any faults found are repaired, and any faulty parts are replaced with grade A parts only. They are also ESN checked to ensure the phone has never been stolen, blacklisted or blocked for any reason.

Once all these tests are completed, and we can guarantee the phone is in 100% working order, they are listed on our website. You will find a vast range of great deals on refurbished phones on our website. We have a selection of models from all the major mobile phone manufacturers, including Apple iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Blackberry and many more.

As well as taking immense care, in ensuring all refurbished iphone & mobiles for sale on our website are in 100% working order, we also offer a one year warranty on all our refurbished phones.


Advantages of Buying Refurbished Phones

  • Buying refurbished phones allows you to buy a high quality phone at a more affordable price.
  • All our refurbished phones are sold with a one year warranty as standard.
  • Buying a refurbished phone gives you the opportunity, to replace your existing phone, with an exact replacement.
  • Buying a refurbished phone you are saving phones from landfill. All refurbished phones have been recycled, so are far more environmentally friendly than buying a new phone.
  • Refurbished phones have been on the market for some time so all the initial faults have been fixed.
  • If a specific phone is known to have a particular problem you know to avoid it.

Whatever brand of refurbished phone you are looking for we have them all. Whether it is the Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, a Sony Xperia or an HTC One M9 you will find a wide selection of them all on our website.


Refurbished iPhone

Refurbished Apple iPhones are one of the most important products in the market. Apple products are normally expensive to buy and you surely don’t want to buy a defective product also. Refurbished iPhones are those which have been returned by their owners and Apple, if it thinks necessary, has made some alterations.

We are top seller in United Kingdome for unlocked Refurbished iPhone 5s, 6 & 7 in lowest rates and like new condition. Buy Grade "A" Refurbished iPhone with us and enjoy free shipping services. 


At Alpha Smartphones we pride ourselves on our high level of customer service, if you are not sure which phone is best for you, call us or email us and we will help you in the decision making process. Buying a phone through our website is a very smooth and easy process, once you have completed the purchase process the phone will be despatched to you immediately.

With our guarantees and warranty you have nothing to worry about when buying a refurbished phone form Alpha Smartphones. If you are still unsure, check out our five start on-line reviews from our previous customers.


Get first-class quality on Refurbished iPhone

When it comes to quality and performance of refurbished iPhone available at our online store, we are more concerned about the product quality as we are committed to giving you refurbished iPhone in perfect condition. We make it sure that our customer is getting a fully functional refurbished iPhone equipped with standard parts directly installed by the manufacturer. That is why thousands of customers around the UK trust us and appreciate our professional ethics through best feedback.


Great value with great savings- Buy refurbished iPhone

What makes the difference between a new and refurbished iPhone? The actual difference is the price. From performance to design everything goes smooth and swift no matter you have a new or a refurbished iPhone, you will be having same amazing experience. From Alpha Smartphones you get not only the original products but also original accessories. Moreover, we also offer warranty and free return policy on our refurbished iPhone. Once you are done with buying a refurbished iPhone from our store, you can directly claim your warranty certificate.


Buy cheap factory refurbished iPhone

If you are looking for a cheap refurbished iPhone and spending hours to search buying a used or refurbished iPhone, just visit us we offer you multiple versions with the great price difference. Pick your next iPhone with amazing cheap prices. At our refurbished iPhone store, you can expect the same brand new quality, as we do not compromise the quality we deliver on our all refurbished products.


Browse through a huge selection of refurbished iPhones

Once you visit our refurbished iPhone store, you will find a massive selection of refurbished iPhone with comprehensive details to ease your choice and to guide about the product as much as possible. Each refurbished iPhone we display in our online store goes through a strict and unique refurbished process by professional Apple engineers. We maintain each possible step to sustain our reputation and product quality. That is why Alpha Smartphones is the leading refurbished iPhone selling store in the UK.