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 A cheap iPhone 6 can be the best option if you are looking for a decent low price phone. At our online store, you can browse through a range of refurbished and used iPhone 6 models available with all colour variants. Whether you love silver, or shining gold, space grey or rose gold, Alpha Smartphones provides a complete variety of cheap iPhone 6 at the most competitive price. Buy iphone 6 32 GB, or expand your memory with iPhone 64 GB, still you need a huge space to save a lot of data without any hassle, we also offer cheap iPhone 6 128 gb.


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 We turn your dream into reality. Buying a certified cheap iphone 6 is not a big issue now. Visit our online refurbished and used Apple iPhone store and find iphone 6 best deals. Whether you need an iPhone at a minimum price or a very good phone at a decent price, we have an expanded collection for each individual who cannot afford to buy the latest iPhone model.


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We are not only selling quality iphones but also take an advantage by providing customer friendly serves. We simply believe in providing best quality services, and continuously offer policies that facilitate our customers. We have made online business a customer-centered company which motif is to be more smooth and friendly to each customer.


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A precise overview of cheap apple iphone 6

Apple iphone 6 is one of the most popular smartphones that has a powerful ranking in decent smartphone list.  It is a pure combination of style, power, storage, camera quality, and performance. In spite of latest powerful smartphones have been introduced, but cheap iphone 6 is still in demand due to its elegant style, Retina HD display, dual pixels, and A8 chip that provide a complete package for an iphone lover.


How to find a cheap iPhone 6 online?

Though there are numerous online stores offering used and refurbished iPhone but where to find a cheap iphone 6 online. Being a top rated refurbished iphone company across the UK, we have customized a store that meets the needs of each customer. We cater their smartphone needs remaining in their budget. Similarly, we have stocked a variety of iPhones including iphone 6 with a number of price and condition options. If you are low on budget, choose a cheaper iPhone 6. But if you can afford a little higher price, just like new iPhone 6 128 gb would be the best device to buy.

“Simply we believe in satisfying customers by meeting their requirement”


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We are not just selling cheap iphones only, but our all smartphones also carry a warranty. We have enriched each device with utmost inspection and quality that shows our 100% commitment and dedication to our profession. At Alpha Smartphones, all refurbished and used gadgets go through hard inspection checkpoints held by our expert technicians. Whether it is a cheap iphone 6 or used iphone 7, 7 plus, each device goes through an expert testing only to ensure product performance. We ensure that our customers do not have any trouble in future.


How can you save money on cheap iPhone 6?

It was a big question for us that how to bring an affordable smartphone for the customers. Since Apple iphones have dominated smartphone industry, the price has also got a flame that has gone beyond to an average user who loves iphone. In the meantime, Alpha Smartphones introduced refurbished and used iPhones at most attractive prices. Now anyone can purchase the most popular iphone models including cheap iPhone 6, 6 plus, iphone 7 and much more.

Our smartphone prices are very competitive that anyone can find an in budget iphone with a single click. Within two days, your order will be at your door.

Don’t need to upgrade with an expensive iPhone. Just visit our online refurbished iphone store and find top discounts on leading iphone models.


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Looking for a cheap iphone 6? Don’t roam around physical shops to compare iphone prices. we have developed a user-friendly website that assists you to reach your desired model. Just click on your favourite phone and we will display you a list of used and refurbished cheap iPhone 6. We are continuously striving hard to save our customer time by providing efficient website navigation.

Following variants of cheap iphone 6 are available

  • Used good condition

These phones can be the best choice for the customers who are looking for cheap iphone 6. These smartphones no only carry the warranty but also Alpha Smartphones best performance guarantee. These are unlocked phones that can be used not only in the UK but anywhere in the world. Simply freedom of customer’s choice.

  • Used Very Good

In this category, all cheap iphone 6 smartphones carry 12- month warranty. These phones are not only affordable but also comes in great condition. Buy a cheap fully functional iphone 6 open to all networks.

  • cheap refurbished A grade

All refurbished smartphones at our store go through a strict checking procedure. If you are not interested in buying a used iphone, buy cheap refurbished iphone 6. Our all refurbished phones have a free return policy where a customer can return the product if we fail to meet your expectations.

  • Pre-owned-almost like new

We also have a range of cheap pre-owned iphone 6. These smartphones are returned due to minor issues. We comprehensively check all the issues and ensure that nothing is left unchecked. At the end, it is set in the sale category at a very reasonable price. Apple iPhone lovers can buy pre-owned cheap iphone 6 with a one-year warranty and free delivery across the UK within two days.


Buy cheap Apple iphone 6 space grey 16 gb

The stunning combination of finest software and hardware has made this smartphone one of the most popular iphones. It has an innovative design with meticulous colour that can enrich your mobile experience. We have brought to you one of the best cheap iphone 6 right a single click away. If you need a decent storage to carry normal memory options; cheap iphone 6 16 gb is made for you.


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Need a phone with a little extra storage and striking exposure? If you really need a stylish smartphone with attractive design, you are at the right place to buy a cheap apple iphone 64 gb. Meticulously designed with fine metal delivers an elegant look. It is not only delicate but also best known as extraordinary performance. We offer you different price tags on each refurbished cheap apple iphone 6 64 gb gold. Customers can find open box iphone 6 and used iphone at very lucrative prices.


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We are not only offering a mid-range smartphone at affordable prices but also a complete range of cheap iphone 6 128 gb in all colours and storage options if you need huge space for your personal or commercial activities, we recommend you to buy cheap apple iphone 6 128 gb.

Selecting the most popular iphone models is extremely easy at Alpha smartphone. With a range of used and refurbished cheap iphone 6 variants, we lead in every aspect to offer the best we have.


How can I save money on buying a cheap iphone 6?

 At our online store, the user can find multiple ways to save some extra cash. First of all, you need to decide the product you are looking for. If you browse through our product gallery, you will find various versions of each model. Each product carries different prices as well as varies in condition. Select one of the products according to your budget. Mostly, customers have two ways to save money buying cheap iphone 6:

  • Buy certified refurbished iphone
  • Buy used iphone

Both categories have further classification according to the condition. You can buy a decent refurbished and used iphone at a very competitive price. The amazing thing is that customer also enjoys company free return policy, free delivery, and warranty. Simply, we are committed to save your money at each possible edge.


How to find the best deals on cheap iphone 6?

Enjoy great discounts on all refurbished and used iphone models”


We regularly offer attractive promotions and discounts on different smartphones, including iPhone, and Samsung. Just visit our site today and grab your favourite cheap iphone 6 deal. As you confirm your order, we will process your favourite phone and make sure that you get it right within two days. Customer will love our incredible sale and services.


How to find the best iphone?

Choosing a cheap iphone 6 is not a tiresome task anymore. No need to spending hours in browsing website to find best deals on cheap iphone 6, just visit our store and you will love the way we treat customers to help them in buying the best iphone. We have provided a comprehensive description of each product along with the advantages customers have.


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At Alpha smartphones, we aim to provide top quality certified refurbished cheap iphone 6. That means we give you a complete satisfaction of mind that there is nothing hidden flaw or any issue you are going to face in future. That is what our warranty actually carries. Our all phones are thoroughly tested by expert technicians only to save our customers from any issue in future.


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How to find the best place to buy a cheap iphone can be a big question? Is your investment secure enough that retailer meets your requirement? All these questions come to mind whenever you go to the market to buy anything. We offer a complete trusted source where you can buy all refurbished and used smartphones from leading manufacturers at an affordable price. We have earned 5 stars trusted reviews rating that means our customers are fully satisfied with our services. still, there is an issue we welcome you by offering comprehensive solutions without putting you in any trouble.





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