Cookie Policy

Use of cookies by our website

Cookies are used by our website to distinguish users of our website. Through the collection of cookies we provide our users with the best experience when they browse our website and also to improve our website. If the user continues to browse the website he/she agrees to our use of cookies.

What are HTTPs cookies?

HTTPs cookies are small data files including letters and numbers that are saved on users’ browser or in the hard drive of the computer. By agreeing the cookies; users enable the websites to save the browsing history on the specified website in the computer. This helps the websites to remember the statefull information (e.g. remembering the products in the cart) or the browsing history on the website itself.

The cookies we use:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: These are the necessary cookies that are obligatory for the operating processes of our website. These strictly necessary cookies mainly include; the cookies that remember the users’ account information on the website, shopping cart access and history or the access to e-billing services.
  • Analytical/Performance cookies: These cookies allow the website to gather information about the number of visitors and their browsing pattern on the website itself. These cookies further help in improving the functionalities and performance of the website. Through this the websites suggest the products that the certain user is looking for.
  •  Functionality cookies: These cookies help in remembering every individual user on the website. They further help the website to individualise the content for every user and to remember the name and preferences (E.g. language or region) of every individual user as well.
  • Targeting cookies: These cookies are used to track users’ browsing history on the website itself, which includes; the pages visited and the links followed. These cookies further help the websites to display more relevant advertising to the users. This information might be shared with third parties as well for the same purposes.

On our website we use the following specific cookies:

Cookie Name





Google Analytics – These cookies are used improve the performance of the website through having a data for the user visits and traffic sources. These cookies further help us in judging the pages that are more popular and also the ones that are the least popular and also to see the browsing pattern of the users.


We take the aggregate of these cookies, so the individuals are anonymous for us in this case. If the user doesn’t agree to these cookies then we wouldn’t be able to monitor the performance of the website.


This cookie is used to check if the user has accepted our cookie policy or not.


These cookies are essential for website’s functionalities. These cookies only check the response to actions by the user’s request for services which includes; logging in or filling the forms.


The user can lock these cookies. The consequence that the user might have to bear by doing so is that some parts of the website would not work. Furthermore, none of the users’ personal identifiable information is stored through these cookies.


Note: The third parties e.g. advertising networks and external services providers (web traffic analysis) might also use cookies on which we have no control. These cookies might include; performance cookies or targeting cookies.

The user can easily block the cookies by the activation of the setting in the browser that is dedicated to block all or some cookies. If the user use the settings to block all cookies including the essential cookies, then the user might not be able to access all or some parts of the website.