Effective Tips to Improve iPhone 7 Battery Life Running iOS 11

Effective Tips to Improve iPhone 7 Battery Life Running iOS 11

Most of you already have iOS 11 on their iPhone by now and having a great time. The features it offers are amazing. Overall iOS 11 is pretty good, but the question here is how iOS 11 effects your phone’s battery. There are tips that will help you increase your iPhone 7 second-hand battery life without a lot of trouble.

Regardless of what version of iOS 11 you have on your iPhone 7, one thing that most of us are concerned about is our phone’s battery life? After all, we would not like to run to the nearest plug every couple of hours. You would hate to see the low battery sign, especially when having no place to charge your phone. So, to make things easy for you we have come up with a list of some really amazing tips that will improve your iPhone 7 second-and battery life.

Tips to Improve iPhone 7 Battery Life

If you search the internet you will come across numerous tips on how to improve iPhone 7 Battery life. It is a little difficult to differentiate between the effective tips and the useless tips. Now one has to be more selective as iOS 11 is known for draining away iPhone 7 second hand battery or for that matter any iPhone running iOS 11. To ensure that you do not waste your time on tips that are not helpful, we have come up with a list that will improve the performance of your phone’s battery life.

These tips are as effective on iPod or iPad as they are on your iPhone. However, ensure that your Apple devices are running iOS 11.

1. Give iOS11 Sometime

Once you install iOS 11 on your used iPhone 7, you need to give it some time. It usually does take around a day or so to re index every to cache everything. You do not have to freak out right after updating your phone to iOS 11. However, if things do not work out and your battery is draining away quickly, then you need to tweak a little in your phone’s setting.

2. Disable App Refreshing

There are certain apps that are always running in the background. Even though you think you have closed the app, it still is running in the background. When an app is running in the background it is bound to consume some phone’s battery. If you want to improve your used iPhone 7 battery life, you need to disable the feature.

You go to Settings and then tap on General. There look for the Background App Refresh option. Tap on this option to disable the feature. If you do not want to disable all apps, you should at least disable apps with heavy background apps.

3. Keep a Check on Phone Battery Usage

Before getting down to the remedies you need to know about the reason. Similar, before you start making changes to your phone’s settings, you should check your used iPhone 7 battery usage. You should check the apps that are draining away your phone’s battery. Go to Settings and then tap on Battery. There you will be able to see all the apps and the amount of battery each one is using. To see the amount of time each has been running on the screen, tap on the clock icon. The icon is located at the top right corner of the screen and it looks like a clock.

4. If Wi-Fi is On Disable Cellular Data

When your iPhone 7 is connected to the Wi-Fi, there is no need to keep the cellular data on. You can turn off your cellular data via 2 different methods. You can see the Data Cellular icon in control Center now, so open Control Center and tap on the icon. If you need to turn it back on simply, tap on the icon in control center again.

The other method is slightly longer. For that, you need to go Cellular and then disable the Cellular data. However, do remember that you need to turn your cellular network on once you disable the Wi-Fi on your iPhone. Doing this will improve your used iPhone 7 battery life. You don’t have to worry about the fact that you will miss important calls as this has nothing to do with it. If you want to save the battery as well as your cellular data then you would hate that Facebook is refreshing and eating away your data.

5. Keep Your Flashlight Low

Now with iOS 11, you can control the level of your flashlight. As we know that the flashlight is among the biggest battery drainers, therefore it is always better that you keep it low. You need it for the light; you can always use the low-level light, as this will have less impact on used iPhone 7 battery.  Long press on the flashlight icon and then select the power level.

6. Disable Airdrop, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

We do understand that Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Airdrop is important, but you do not need them all the time. If you keep them enabled, they are going to drain away your phone’s battery. Disabling them will ensure your iPhone 7 battery life.

When you are not using these features, you can easily disable them by going to Settings and tapping on each icon individually. There is another way to enable and disable this feature i.e. open control center and tap on the icon. To disable Airdrop, simply swipe your control center up and look for the AirDrop option. Tap on the option to disable and enable it. Remember, if you use the Control Center to turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, they will not be turned off. They will simply be disconnected from the current network available and will reconnect the moment they find a new one.

7. Enable Wi-Fi Assist

Another way to improve iPhone 7 battery life is to enable the W-fi Assist option. It means that your phone’s cellular network will take charge when the Wi-Fi signals are weak. Thus, it will improve the battery of used iPhone 7 for sale, as it won’t attempt connecting to Wi-Fi with poor signals. To turn this feature on, go to Setting. Scroll down and tap on Cellular. Look for Wi-Fi Assist and toggle this option on.

8. Use Low Power Mode

This is perhaps the best way to save your iPhone’s battery. Once you enable the feature, your phone will automatically disable a bundle of features. Some of these features include the ones that you typically cannot disable yourself. You can quickly enable the feature by telling Siri, Turn on Low Power mode. You can even insert a new toggle in the control center. Lastly, you can do it the orthodox way i.e. go to settings, battery and finally tap on the Low Power Mode.

9. Turn off Widgets

You might think that Widgets are really cool, but they are also an additional tax on your phone’s battery. They do seem convenient, but it you want to improve your iPhone 7 battery life, you need to disable the widgets. Applications like Weather, location services and maps are a huge burden on battery.

To disable the widget, first, you need to bring forward the Today View. You can do that by swiping to the left on your Home screen. You can even do the same gesture on the Lock screen. After that got to the bottom of the page and look for the edit option. Tap on this option, a red minus button will appear in front of each app. To remove the app simply tap on this button. You can add the app back again, go to the app and tap on the green button.

10. Put your iPhone Face Down

There are two types of users, one who place their iPhone upside down and second who place it face down. It turns out that one method is better than the other and you need to know which one is better. Apple now has included a battery saving feature that enables once you place your phone face down. When the display of your phone is against the surface, the notifications are muted. They will not be able to activate the display thus will save the feature.

11. Disable Auto Playing Videos Apps

If you are running tight on your cellular data and battery, we believe that disabling the auto-playing video feature in certain apps is going to be of great help. Twitter and Facebook are famous for playing the videos automatically. This is a waste of battery especially when you do not even want to watch these videos.

12. Disable Auto-Play Feature on Facebook

Launch the app and then tap on Menu tab. From there tap on Settings, Under Settings, you will be able to see the Account Settings option. Tap on this option and then search for the Videos and Photos option. Finally, search the AutoPlay feature and choose “Never” option.

13. Disable Auto-Play Feature on Twitter

To disable this feature on Twitter, launch the app and tap on the profile icon. There you will see Settings, tap on it and then on privacy. Under Privacy look for the Data Usage option, tap on this option and finally tap on video Auto Play. Here, you will again have to select “Never” to ensure that videos aren’t played automatically.

14. Disable Hey Sir Feature

Hey Siri is a great way to allow this VA to help you out, however, it does have an impact on the batter life. Siri is always running in the background as it is always listening for the request feature. If you don’t use the “Hey Siri” feature, you should disable it. To turn it off, go to Settings, look for Siri & Search option and toggle it off.

15. In-app Locater Services Only

Location services are perfect for knowing about your surroundings, you can learn about the palces and areas around you. However, they are also among the worst enemies of your phone’s battery. Many applications tend to use the location services by default.  We recommend that you use in-app location services only or deactivate them permanently.

To deactivate the location services go to Settings, tap on Privacy, Location Services. You will get the option of completely disabling Location services. This might not be useful for many especially who tend to use the Maps app a lot. So, the better option is that you go through each app and disable services accordingly.

16. Reduce Motion

To improve and enhance your iPhone experience, iOS offers unique motion features such as parallax effects on the home screen or app-launching animations. These motions do look cool, but affect the performance of iPhone 7 battery repairs. You can deactivate this feature by going to Settings, tapping on General and then on Accessibility. There enable the Reduce Motion feature.

17. Turn off Raise to Wake Feature

iOS 10 came out with Raise to Wake feature, it was for all refurbished iPhone 7 UK, it may seem cool but it can get annoying as well.  Whenever you rise your phone, the display is turned on. Despite that fact that you do not want it. Every time you lift your phone, the display will be turned on. This is bound to consume the battery of your phone; however, you can disable this feature. Got o Settings, tap on Display and Brightness and turn off the Raise to Wake option.

18. Disable Auto-Brightness

When you have the complete control over your phone’s screen, we doubt you need the auto-brightness feature. You can easily adjust the screen brightness using the Auto-brightness feature. If you enable this feature, it is just going to affect the performance of refurbished iPhone 7 UK battery life. So, disable the feature by going to Settings, then to General, tapping on Accessibility and finally on Display Accommodations. Now toggle off the Auto-Brightness feature.

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Battery of the phone is among its most imperative part. You can enjoy your phone as long as it has power life. Cheap iPhone 7 is a great phone, but it does have battery issue. However, you can improve iPhone 7 battery life by following some simple yet effective tips. Turning off Cellular network when you are connected to Wi-Fi, disabling AirDrop when you are not using it, disabling Wi-Fi when not in need can help the performance of your phone’s battery.

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