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iPhone XR 128GB

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Apple iPhone XR 128GB Storage in Black Color & Unlocked to all Mobile Networks

Condition Good Condition
Colour Black
Storage 128GB

This phone is refurbished in  Good Condition.  

Clean screen, Fully tested and functional. 

The phone is unlocked to all networks.



£264.99 £324.99

iPhone XR 128GB Refurbished Unlocked | Sale Price UK 2022

It's not only cheaper to buy a refurbished iPhone XR, but it also helps reduce electronic waste in the world. In other words, it promotes circular economics.

Excellent. On every level.

Introducing the industry's most advanced liquid retina display. Face ID is now even faster. A powerful smartphone chip that's smarter and more powerful than ever before. A groundbreaking camera system as well. Refurbished iPhone XR. No matter how you look at it, it's stunning.

Introducing Liquid Retina.

In the industry, the iPhone XR 128gb shows off the industry's most advanced LCD display. The screen stretches into the corners due to an innovative backlight design. Therefore, you will experience true color across the entire screen.

A superb material.

Smartphone front glass is the toughest ever used. Aluminum bands precision-machined from aerospace-grade alloy. Highly resistant to moisture and dust. A variety of breathtaking finishes.

Color-processing with seven layers.

A sophisticated process allows for deep, rich colors to be achieved on the back glass.

Aluminum bands are made for aerospace applications.

Precision-machined Apple alloys are precision-anodized to match the color of the back glass and provide structural bands.

Charge your phone wirelessly.

Apple's iPhone XR can be charged wirelessly and easily thanks to its glass back.

Face ID with advanced features.

With your face as your password, security is simple. The Touch ID fingerprint sensor allows you to unlock your iPhone, login to applications, and pay with a glance. Face authentication on a phone has never been safer. The process is even faster now.

Portrait mode.

iPhone XR uses a single-lens camera and machine learning to keep people in the foreground in sharp focus against an artfully blurred background.

Enhanced bokeh effect.

A sophisticated background blur makes portrait mode photos look even more professional.

Depth Control is all-new.

Portraits can now be adjusted after they are taken.

Adaptive HDR.

You can now take pictures with brighter highlights and deep shadows thanks to a new secondary frame and a faster sensor.

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