iPhone XS MAX 64GB

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Apple iPhone XS Max 64GB Storage in Gold Color & Unlocked to all Mobile Networks

Condition Excellent condition
Colour Gold
Storage 64GB

This phone is refurbished in Excellent condition.

Clean screen, Fully tested and functional.

The phone is unlocked to all networks.



£307.99 £362.99

Refurbished iPhone XS MAX 64GB Unlocked For Sale

With the Apple iPhone Xs Max, you have a smartphone of the future. With a 6.5-inch Super Retina display, improved Face ID and groundbreaking dual-camera system, this phone is amazing in its features. In addition, the new smart A12 Bionic chip delivers unprecedented performance. If that wasn't enough, the Apple iPhone Xs Max features advanced 4G LTE Advanced for super-fast download speeds. Benefit from the Refurbished Apple iPhone XS Max 64GB, an elegant yet powerful smartphone. This device uses the typical design language of Apple, with an easy-to-use interface, advanced features and durable metals. Almost anywhere, this rugged smartphone can withstand submersion in water for up to thirty minutes. 

Plus-Sized iPhone XS MAX 64GB With A Beautiful Display

The large display measures 6.5 inches in size, offering stunning visuals. This high-definition screen extends all the way to the very edge of the phone, even replacing the home button at the top. The home button can be replaced with a larger display to create a boundless display. You can now access your device with swipes or touch gestures instead of buttons. This display features an incredible 2688x1242p resolution, producing truly breathtaking visuals. With a high pixel density and wide color gamut, you can see clear and vibrant colors, with stunning detail. With the help of a six-channel light sensor, the white balance is automatically adjusted. No matter the lighting conditions, the image will look better and the text will be easy to read. This iPhone XS Max is designed with a tough stainless steel frame and a glass screen for durability. This display can make more effective after being protected with a back case and a glass protector. All these things you can buy from us at a very cheap price.

Pro-Quality Cameras Of XS MAX

The latest camera systems make it possible for amateur photographers to take stunning photographs. With the advanced Smart HDR technology, the 12-megapixel rear camera and 7-megapixel. TrueDepth cameras can capture beautiful pictures quickly and easily. Highlights and shadows are enhanced to create highly detailed shots with this function. 

Tru Depth Function 

With Depth Control, you can add the perfect amount of depth to all of your portrait shots. This alters the depth of field in a shot, blurring out the background yet keeping the subject sharp. Even after you've taken the shot, you can adjust it. The same effect can be achieved with the TrueDepth function on the front-facing camera. The subject is automatically focused and the background is blurred.

An Amazing Portrait Effect

Faces are detected and emphasized by the portrait camera. A Portrait Lighting effect is also applied when scanning the face so you always get the best results. 

Deep Depth Sensor

Sensor pixels with deeper depths let in more light for better photos in dark environments. With this, even in low light, you can see crisp details and bright colors. 

The HDR Shutter Effects 

With Smart HDR and no shutter lag, you can capture moving subjects with ease. This keeps details and colors clear, even if the subject of your shot is moving quickly. 

Best Face ID Feature Of 64GB iPhone XS MAX

To keep your phone safe and secure, the iPhone XS Max 64GB uses the latest technology. You can unlock your phone using Face ID, the facial recognition software. A system using infrared light and dot protections can detect you even when you have a hat or glasses on. 

Using this method, you do not need to remember your login details every time you use apps or the web browser to access your accounts. The Face ID feature can also be used to authorize Apple Pay inside apps and in stores. 

Better Battery Life With iPhone XS MAX 64GB

Smart Battery Cases for iPhone XS Max 64 GB contain 10.1Wh batteries, 13% larger capacities than previous versions. We have updated this article to reflect the smaller mAh capacities of the cases. However, the Wh is higher in these cases because the voltage is doubled compared to the previous models. 

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