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Alpha Smart Phones Payment Guaranty

Buying a smartphone at AlphaSmartPhones is followed by Payment Guaranty, the complete maintaining security of your personal data and of the purchase, which are among company’s top priorities. We offer to our customers the Secure Payment via PayPal, which keeps card secured, while on the other side it is fast and easily accessible service. Moreover, it is cheaper than the most other payment methods.

3D secure option for online purchases is an additional extra security layer that we have implemented for credit and debit card transactions. The payment is given one authentication step more - a password, chosen by the customer on the secure website of the company, which has issued the credit card. All internet transactions can be secured with this highly developed protection, which is individual for every single customer. Unauthorized access to the password is not possible.

Since 2014, for all online purchases apply the Consumer Contracts Regulations. This Act stands for the former Distance Selling Regulations, protecting consumer rights and including all relevant facts considering products price and description, applicable delivery costs and cancellation rights, as well as the information about the product provider. All details are insured clearly and in the manner appropriate to the chosen form of communication.

AlphaSmartPhones guarantees the full protection for buying a smartphone or any purchases by giving one the right to cancel an order from the moment of placing it until the expiration of 30 days after receiving the phone. The delivery time and costs are framed by the agreement between the seller and the customer. The Distance Selling Regulations are followed by customer’s other legal rights, which means that they are exactly the same as by the direct purchasing.

The claim in the case of any problem with the product or services, provided by the AlphaSmartPhones, is guaranteed within 30 days from the date the order had been confirmed. The customer is fully protected in case of facing some problem such as, for instance, if the product does not match the given description, if it is damaged, does not work or if it in some other way does not correspond to the order. The AlphaSmartPhones’ team of professionals remains at customer’s service and guarantees that any of such problems will be solved as quickly as possible.

AlphaSmartPhones relies on two basic characteristics of modern trade: payment security and compliance with laws and customer rights. These two features are also the most important to the customers themselves, who do not want to make only the good purchase, but also the safe one. What has to be guaranteed is the safety of your payments as well as the right on product complaints. Following modern standards, AlphaSmartPhones sustained as the recognized leader providing customers with the best possible and secure options of buying a smartphone of good quality. The protection of your personal information is complete and your purchase is safe since at AlphaSmartPhones our loyalty to customers is how we have earned their trust.