Refurbished Phones Can Have A Longer Lifespan Than You Think

Refurbished iPhones Are Smarter Than New iPhones, These five reasons illustrate why you should choose an AlphaSmartPhone refurbished iPhone.

1- A longer life expectancy

Many people believe refurbished mobile phones last shorter than new ones. How well the phone has been refurbished can affect longevity. In this case, the iPhone 12 is a good example of how refurbished devices last surprisingly long while saving you a bit of money. Although it was released a year ago, its popularity continues to grow. After working our magic on it, you may not expect a year-old model to work correctly in refurbished condition.

All batteries at AlphaSmartPhones are tested for both loading cycles and capacity, and we replace any batteries below 80% capacity. Hence, we can assure both our standards and Apple's that the phones will function properly.

2- This is a much more affordable option

With refurbished phones, you can find more budget-friendly options. A new phone is not in everyone's budget, and refurbished phones are much more affordable. There are several models and four main condition categories to choose from: Like New, Very Good, and Acceptable. In some cases, an iPhone can be found at a discount of up to 40% whereas other retail stores sell them at a higher price.

The condition categories outlined above are merely cosmetic; they only affect the appearance of your phone. Our specialists thoroughly inspect and repair all of our phones when necessary. There is a 52-step check-up process during which all the functions of the phone are tested extensively and any damaged parts are replaced with brand new ones.  You can expect our phones to work as well as new regardless of what condition category you choose.

3- We offer a long and comprehensive warranty

Since our repair process extends the lifespan of an iPhone by several years, we can offer a long and comprehensive warranty. All of our phones, regardless of their condition, are covered by our 12-month AlphaSmartPhones warranty, which gives you the same protection as when buying a new phone. You can read more about AlphaSmartPhones' extensive warranty.

4- Buying a refurbished iPhone is a more environmental-friendly choice

Numerous raw materials are needed to manufacture each new phone. In addition to contributing to global warming, these processes emit a large amount of carbon dioxide. Mobile phones are responsible for 85–95% of the carbon emissions produced in the world!

You contribute to the responsible recycling of existing resources and to the environmental sustainability of consumption by purchasing a refurbished iPhone from us. You are thus protecting the environment from harmful carbon dioxide emissions and contamination from excessive electronic waste.

5- Return policy provides a safe and secure purchase

Buying a refurbished iPhone from AlphaSmartPhones gives you complete peace of mind. There is no risk in purchasing from our website, and if, for any reason, for any reason, our product does not meet your expectations, you can return it within 14 days.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Refurbished Phone? 

You could consider a refurbished phone to be a new one. You can think of a refurbished phone as a new one.  Our goal is to ensure that all of our phones have a battery life of 80% or more, which is the amount of battery life that should last for a full day's average usage.

Refurbished phones: Are they right for me? 

Whether you want to take decent photos, access the internet, install apps, and send and receive texts and calls without paying a lot of money, a refurbished smartphone is perfect for you. You can see our selection of refurbished phones and decide for yourself whether they are a good choice for you. You can see exactly what you're getting with each phone's unique description and rating.

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