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The apple iPhone xs max is the best phone in 2023 eye-catching smartphone, with glass prominently featured on both front and back, wrapped in gold-finish stainless steel, boasting an edge-to-edge, OLED super-retina HDR display. Larger than previous x models, the iPhone xs max measures 6.5 inches, which makes everything you use it for easier, from writing emails to watching videos, to checking your photos. The colours are vibrant, and the touch input, courtesy of the new 120hz tracking technology, is twice as fast as previous models. The true tone function uses sensors to measure ambient light colours, then adjusts the output to compensate for less-than-optimal conditions to make everything you see on the iPhone xs max screen look true to life.

The Coolest Features In iPhone XS, MAX 

With Face ID security, you can unlock your phone, log in to apps, and pay for things just by looking at it. Furthermore, the iPhone XS Max has a glass back that lets it wirelessly charge faster than previous models, using a pad, mount, or stand for charging. 

As well as improved audio quality, the speaker is splash, water, and dust resistant has built-in Bluetooth and works as a mobile hotspot. 

You'll be able to listen to your favourite tunes for 13.5 to 14.5 hours on a single charge with an Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector or the best true wireless AirPods.

This phone is the best yet from Apple, offering 90 minutes per charge. 

Buy The Best iPhone For Photography In 2023

1- Additionally, there is the iPhone XS Max camera, which can be considered the best smartphone camera. 

2- This iPhone XS Max comes with three cameras, two rear cameras and one front-facing camera.

3- With dual rear cameras measuring 12 megapixels and featuring pixels that are 20% deeper, you can shoot wide-angle and telephoto shots simultaneously, resulting in photographs with richer colors, smoother color transitions, and more vibrant colours, especially at night. 

4- With the new HDR feature, you can adjust the strength of the blurring of the background and improve highlights and shadows. 

5- Moreover, a wider main sensor makes it possible for wider photo scenes, and quicker shutter speeds mean virtually no lag between the click and the picture being taken. 

6- The camera is so incredible that it may be worth the time to bring along an instant photo printer so you can get prints of your amazing photos right away.

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