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For the ultimate viewing experience, distractions from the screen have been removed. As the camera is discreetly tucked away in the display, you can make optimal use not only of the screen but also of the camera. This HDR10+ certified display delivers amazingly realistic colors and contrast in any scene, even at night. It uses Dynamic Tone Mapping for HDR10+ compatibility. Despite the bright display, everything is clearly visible even in bright sunlight. The stereo system and Dolby Atmos sound system create a powerfully immersive experience. Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB comes with a clear touchscreen which makes the phone easy to use. There's a Samsung Exynos 9820 chip running at 2,7 GHz inside the phone. You can expect your apps to run smoothly due to this powerful hardware.

Ultrasonic Fingerprint

A revolutionary fingerprint sensor on the image was created by moving the fingerprint scanner from back to front. Only you can unlock your phone with ultrasonic pulses that detect 3D ridges and valleys in your fingerprint. The process is safe and simple - just unlocked, drag and hold the app to open it. Which makes security completely invisible.

Three Cameras Not Just Wide, Ultra-Wide

You can capture your gaze with powerful telephoto, wide-angle, and Ultra-Wide lenses. With the 16MP Ultra Wide camera, you can get more into every shot. In addition, you can wow your friends with the 2x optical zoom alongside the 12MP wide-angle camera and the telephoto lens. This wider-field camera provides 123 degrees of field of view over a wide-angle camera. Additionally, your wide shots will not be distorted when using Ultra Wide lens correction. You can create wider, higher panoramic photos with the Ultra-Wide camera, giving you a wider perspective. You can capture a large scene in just one shot, vertically and horizontally, so even if you move less, you can capture more.

Front camera transformed to enhance your selfies

Instant selfies are possible with the Selfie camera because it is able to detect faces and focus quickly. Due to its dual-pixel sensor, it captures action shots clearly, even in low light, for well-lit selfies

4K UHD video & HDR10+ brings the scenes to life
First Samsung phone to feature a front-facing camera with 4K UHD video recording capability. The combination of 4K UHD and HDR10+ allows the scenes to come to life. Shoot incredible images and play them back with the details you've seen in person. With the rich colors and contrast of HDR10+ and DynaGet, amazing pictures are taken and then play them back as you've seen them in person. MIP Tone Mapping ensures accurate colors regardless of the lighting conditions.

Scene Optimizer Your Intelligent Shortcut To Professional-Looking Photos

An intelligent photo assistant, Scene Optimizer automatically recognizes 30 popular subjects including food, faces, babies, concerts, and cats. With Local Tone Mapping, your camera automatically adjusts its settings to match the scene so you can get the best shot. A photo error detection mode also alerts you when something goes wrong.

24 hours intelligent battery to power you all day long 

With the Galaxy S10, you can turn off apps you don't need based on your daily routine. Your battery life is managed by Adaptive Power Saving based on your day's forecast. You can use your Galaxy S10 for more time without recharging it thanks to its up to 3400 mAh (standard) battery capacity.

Wireless Power Share Gives You The Ability To Share

Several Samsung devices have been adapted to be charged by the Galaxy S10, including a wireless charger that is Qi-certified. It can be inserted into the Galaxy S10's USB port. There is no need for cables. It can be used to charge earbuds or the Galaxy Watch as well as to charge your friend's phone on the go.

Eye Comfort Display Designed To Adapt To The Light For A Better View

The unique composition of Dynamic AMOLED reduces harmful blue light by 42% without changing the color of what is displayed. Sleep better at night by watching or playing late at night.

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