Samsung Galaxy S8

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If you are looking for the best smartphone for you, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the best choice. Whether you prefer a refurbished phone at a great price or you want the phone in its absolute best condition, AlphaSmartPhone offers the best refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8 for you. Considering refurbished phones have been tested twice after manufacturing, so their hardware is in good condition, refurbished phones are more reliable and effective than new ones. You do not have to worry about their progress or working condition. Featuring a beautiful, bezel-less screen with excellent screen quality, this device has an iconic design.

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 Aside from the fingerprint reader being on the back, Samsung also made a bad choice with the iris scanner / facial recognition not working well enough to be of real use. With its improved battery life and improved camera, this will be one of the best phones available. This device showcases an iconic design and has a stunning, bezel-less screen with excellent screen quality.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 is a 5.8-inch flagship smartphone with an incredible design, a powerful Snapdragon 835 processor, a high-resolution display with an aspect ratio of 18.5:9, and a powerful Snapdragon 835 processor. The camera on this phone is unparalleled, making it one of the best Android phones ever. I can confirm that this is the fastest phone around. But is it really worth the asking price? Our prices are also as per your choice, and we offer different grades of phones based on the grading system. 

You can unlock the Samsung Galaxy S8 in six different ways 

  • Fingerprint
  • Facial recognition (new)
  • Iris scanner
  • Pattern
  • PIN
  • Smart Lock (unlocks at trusted locations)

Samsung S8 Display Features 

1-Only one of these is the new facial recognition part
2-Although Samsung has also repositioned its fingerprint reader due to lack of space on the front of the phone,
3-It also says that it’s improved the accuracy.
4-In our battery test – playing a looped video with the screen set to 170cd/m2 brightness in flight mode
5-It lasted 16hrs 45mins. While that’s still impressive,
6-In early an hour worse than the Samsung Galaxy S7 (17hrs 48mins) and two hours short of the S7 Edge (18hrs 42mins).

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