Samsung Patent Shows New Galaxy Z Concept With Sideways Foldable Display

14 March

The number of patents filed by Samsung for foldable designs probably tops all smartphone makers, but that number does not correspond to how many of those patents get used in mass production. Several bizarre designs have been introduced in the past few years, but the latest patent discovered is probably the wildest. Samsung has announced a new device, the Galaxy Z Flip & Slide, which combines the Flip concept with a sliding mechanism to allow a large display and some interesting new features.

Detailed documentation is included in the patent file entitled "Multi-folding electronic apparatus," which was published on March 10. With the aid of a mechanism, users can unfold this tablet by 100%, changing its appearance from a regular vehicle to a towering guardian. The tablet's compact first form is no more significant than the current Z Flip 3 model, but it can be expanded by 100% once it is unfolded.

Clamshell designs feature a sliding mechanism integrated into the lower side. As soon as the sliding mechanism is engaged, the screen is extended both from the upper and lower sides. Thus, the lower side of the screen becomes the battery compartment. With the unique folding and sliding screen, the device can be set up in an upright position with the middle folding screen parts magnetically glued together in order to simulate two Z Flip phones lined up against one another. The lower screen parts can therefore be used to provide virtual game buttons, allowing two users to play multiplayer games on the same device. Furthermore, users are only allowed to slide a small part of the screen to view the time, messages, and key statistics.

As In the patent images, it appears that the display has a punch-hole selfie camera, while the main cameras are located on the back of the upper half. Keep in mind that the design may never reach the consumer market, or if it does, it will probably take several years before it does. Meanwhile, we can't wait to see what Samsung brings to the table with the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 models in August, and maybe we'll see Samsung's first sliding design later this year as well.

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