The Reasons Why iPhone 7 Plus Tops Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Reasons Why iPhone 7 Plus Tops Customer Satisfaction Survey

Apple launched its magnificent iPhone 7 plus on September 16, 2016. The launch of this iPhone was a big success as Apple updated various specifications on this mobile phone. There is a huge difference between the specifications of iPhone 6S plus and iPhone 7 plus, and we are going to discuss all of those upgrades later in this article. But let us first talk about the customer satisfaction index.

Apple launched its mighty iPhone X on the 10th anniversary. People went gaga over buying iPhone X because of the changed shape and upgraded specifications. Everyone was hoping that iPhone X would ultimately top the customer satisfaction index, but the thing that has been the most surprising one is that iPhone 7 plus actually beat iPhone X in the satisfaction index. There are various dependents according to which people vote the phones.

Why Apple iPhone 7 Topped Customer Satisfaction Survey? 

One of the major factors that Apple iPhone 7 plus is at the top is because Apple users find this mobile phone to be one of the most reliable iPhone.  Earlier when Apple released iPhone 4 and 4S, people criticized the reliability of those iPhones on the basis of their fragile glass back. Since then, Apple tried its best to manufacture more reliable iPhones for iPhone users. The first thing that it did was to introduce a full metal body. iPhone 7 plus has a tough metal outer body that makes this iPhone one of the most reliable models. Moreover, Apple-designed this iPhone with such perfection that the performance of this mobile phone still steals the hearts of the people.

Now that we know about the potential reasons that made this iPhone top the list, let us talk about the major specification upgrades that Apple included in this iPhone.

1.    Dual Rear Cameras

For the first time in history, Apple added dual rear cameras in its dazzling iPhone 7 plus. These dual rear cameras consist of a 12MP wide-angle camera and a 12MP telephoto camera. These cameras work together to capture the most amazing pictures. The pictures taken by Apple iPhone 7 plus have more vibrant colors and they are more detail-oriented than the ones taken by a normal phone. The best thing about the camera of the iPhone 7 plus is its portrait mode. The portrait mode offers a clearer picture of the focused object while creating a better bokeh in the background.

2.    Bigger Battery

For the first time in history, Apple also excluded the audio jack from the iPhone 7 plus. Why it did so? iPhones are always criticized to have the worst battery life in the smartphone industry. Apple tries its best to come up with a solution for this problem and in its iPhone 7; Apple excluded the 3.5mm audio jack to install a bigger and better battery. The bigger battery resulted in providing better battery timing than iPhone 7 plus’s predecessors.

3.    Water Resistance

As mobile phones are getting more and more popular, people are becoming more and more careless about keeping care of their mobile phones. This is the reason that every now and then the iPhone users accidentally slip their iPhones into water or any other liquid. Due to this issue, we started seeing many cases of iPhone water ingression. To overcome this issue completely, Apple made its iPhone 7 and 7 plus to be water-resistant for the first time. Apple iPhone 7 Plus is water-resistant for 30 minutes up to 1m.

Above mentioned are the three major specifications upgrade that people saw from iPhone 6S to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. After reading about the customer satisfaction survey and the amazing specifications of iPhone 7, you must be wondering if you can find iPhone 7 plus at an affordable price. 

Why Should I Buy a Refurbished iPhone 7 Plus From Alpha SmartPhones?

There are tons of reasons that you should buy refurbished iPhone 7 plus from our website. At this point, you might wonder that if Apple sells refurbished iPhone 7 plus. The answer to this question is yes, but buying refurbished iPhone 7 plus from our website would be a better decision for you. The major reason behind this is that the refurbished iPhones available at our platform and Apple refurbished store is the same in terms of reliability. The plus point for buying refurbished iPhone 7 plus from our website is that we have iPhone 7 plus refurbished available at cheaper prices than at Apple refurbished store. Let us explain the reasons for why you should buy iPhone 7 plus from our website:

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Final Verdict:

The aforementioned are some of the reasons that you should buy a refurbished iPhone 7 plus from our website. Now, you shouldn’t wait for any further and buy an iPhone only from Alpha SmatPhones.

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