Why Refurbished Phones Have Better Battery Life than Used Phones?

Why Refurbished Phones Have Better Battery Life than Used Phones?

Good battery life has always been a dream of every smartphone user! We say this as battery related issues in mobile phones still persists and are proven to be stressful for the mobile phone users. In this article, we are going to discuss used vs. Refurbished phones and are going to prove that refurbished phones are the best ones for you. But first we have to describe what do we mean by used and refurbished phone?

Refurbished mobile phones are also the used mobile phones, but these mobile phones are thoroughly checked and repaired before they are put up on sale again. While the used mobile phones are the pre-owned phones that are sold without doing any repair in them. Although they both are the pre-owned phones but they have significant difference when it comes to the battery life and reliability in general.

Used vs. Refurbished Phones!

As discussed above, these both are pre-owned phones but they have noteworthy difference between them. In this article, we are going to describe the reason that which phone is better and which isn’t. So let us see a comparison of refurbished phones vs. Used in terms of battery life:

     Do Refurbished Phones Have New Batteries?

As discussed before, refurbished mobile phones are basically the pre-owned mobile phones that are repaired thoroughly once purchased by the platform. The refurbished mobile phones are usually available all over the internet at the websites of refurbishing platforms. While being repaired phones, the most important question that people have these days is ‘Do refurbished phones have new batteries?’

We can answer this question in detail now! When we say that the mobile phones once purchased by refurbishing platforms are repaired thoroughly, then the hardware and the software issues are all diagnosed and repaired with the best quality parts available in the market. By this, we can get an idea that if after checking the mobile phone comprehensively; the refurbishing platform finds any glitch in the battery life; it immediately replaces the old battery with the best quality battery in the market. After the battery of the mobile phone is changed, the mobile phone refurbishing platform once again checks the battery life of the mobile phone. Now if it finds any problem in the battery life of the mobile phone again; it again changes the battery with another one. But if the problem persists, then it might be a software problem as well. In such cases, the mobile phone refurbishing platform diagnoses and repairs the software problem in the mobile phone as well, so that the battery life of the phone becomes better than normal.

Once the mobile phone refurbishing platform is satisfied with the battery performance of the mobile phone, only then it lists the phone as refurbished phone on the website. With all of this detailed repair process, these platforms also provide 12 months warranty with the mobile phones that they sell. So if any problem in the battery arrives again, you can easily claim the warranty and get the battery replaced again. So now you might have got the answer for ‘do refurbished phones have new batteries?’ Not only do they posses new batteries, they are repaired for their software as well, that might drain your battery faster if not resolved in time as the refurbishing platforms do!

     Battery On Pre-owned Phones:

Over here by pre-owned phones, we mean the used mobile phones that are not repaired after the sellers have sold them. We really have to discuss about battery on pre-owned phones to get a proper idea on used vs. Refurbished phones. The batteries that are installed in the used mobile phones might be the original ones that might have come with the phone. These batteries are the best ones as they are included by the mobile phone manufacturer itself. Over here, we have to keep certain things under consideration that shows that if the battery of the used mobile phone is good or not.

It might happen that the battery life of the used mobile phone is very good, or it is even better than that of the best-refurbished phones. Or it might happen that the battery life of the used mobile phone is worse and worst. This all depends upon the charging habits of the previous owner. We all know that the battery of a mobile phone worn outs with the time. But time is not that much of a big factor here. The charging habit of the previous owner is more important point that we have to notice here.

Usually people overcharge their mobile phone that is proven to be much of a disaster for the mobile phone batteries. Most of us usually put our phones on charge before going to sleep and plug it out in the morning, this habit of ours proves to be worse for the mobile phone's battery. So if you accidently purchase a mobile phone from such a person, then you might not be so lucky even if the original battery is installed in the mobile phone. But if you are lucky enough, you might find a used phone that hasn’t been overcharged before and its battery is in good condition.

So it’s totally a matter of luck here! You might find a used phone with much better battery life than the best-refurbished phones or you might have to bear the worst battery life; there is no in between in such cases!

Now that we know a detailed difference in the possible battery lives for used vs refurbished phones, we can now move forward in telling you the difference between refurbished and new phone for further clarification!

Difference Between Refurbished And New Phone:

We refer the new phones as the phones that are first handed sold by the manufacturers themselves. Whenever a new model of mobile phone launches in the market, the mobile phone manufacturers sell these mobile phones as the new mobile phones. With this, we have already discussed about the refurbished mobile phones. Now we have to mention the difference between refurbished and new phone and we have to make a decision that which one is better.

The new mobile phones as described above are the newest versions of mobile phones that haven’t been anyone else before. There are many advantages and disadvantages of buying a new phone. The most important advantage of buying a new mobile phone is that you get the latest model of mobile phone right after it is launched, also the new mobile phones are considered to be faultless, and so you can enjoy your phone without any glitch. The major disadvantage of buying a new mobile phone is the higher prices of these new mobile phones. Also you don’t know about any customer reviews about the mobile phone so it is a risk actually in this context. Also it is a myth that the new mobile phones come faultless; we can prove that by mentioning about the dotted screens of S7 Edge and S6 Edge when they were launched. Many of these mobile phones came with black and green dots in their displays.

If we look at the best refurbished phones then we can see that these phones are the best option for the buyers as well. The major disadvantage of buying a refurbished phone is that the buyer cannot buy the latest model. This is because, the mobile phones come in refurbished market once they are purchase and then sold by people. So generally it takes almost 3 to 6 months after the launch of a mobile phone for it to come in the refurbished market. Although there are many advantages of buying best refurbished phones, including; these phones are reliable, you can buy these in lesser prices, these phones are faultless, etc.

If we discuss the difference between refurbished and new phone in terms of battery life then they have almost the same battery life. While in some cases the battery life of the best refurbished phones can be even better than the battery life of a new phone.

Is It Better To Buy A Refurbished Phone or Used?

Now that we know the difference between used, refurbished and new mobile phones, we would be further suggesting you which one to purchase. You shouldn’t buy new mobile phones because of their extremely high prices. While if we see used vs. refurbished phones, then buying the best refurbished phones can prevent you from the hassle. We say this thing as the best refurbished phones are always comprehensively and professionally checked and tested. Moreover the battery lives of the refurbished phones are the best, so by purchasing these you can easily prevent yourself from the battery drainage problem and further reduce the mental stress. So yes, it is better to buy a refurbished phone than used.

What Is The Best Place To Buy Refurbished Phones?

At Alpha SmartPhones you can get the best refurbished phones in the UK online. We claim this as all of the refurbished mobile phones available on our website are comprehensively and professionally tested and checked. We repair the mobile phones with the best quality parts available in the market. Moreover, the accurate descriptions of the mobile phones are written with each one of them to keep the process transparent. We also provide 12 months warranty with every mobile phone that we sell. Furthermore, when you purchase a mobile phone from us, we provide you with the 30 days return policy, through which you can return the device if you don’t get what you have ordered in the first place. With all of this, we provide free doorstep delivery with every device we sell along with easy payment transfer options.

So what are you still waiting for? Buy the best-refurbished phones only from Alpha SmartPhones and avail the best deals.

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